Back To School Tech Essentials

It’s the tech gear to make for a better school year. The essential back to school tech that helps you never lose your lunch box or backpack. And what is undoubtedly the most intelligent power strip ever.

Tile Bluetooth Trackers $17.30 to start
Tile Slim, Tile Mate and Tile Pro – hook a Tile to your school backpack, lunch box etc.

Fingerprint Padlock $36.90
Use your fingerprint to open lock. Parents and kids fingerprints can be stored. Great for school lockers and never loose the key or combination! Aluminum alloy lock. Rechargeable battery and stays powered for a month.


My Passport Go SSD Portable External Storage $79.99 – $159.99
Offload school projects including video and photos onto this portable drive. Drop resistant up to 2 meters with rubber protective bumper. Perfect for school with its pocket size design and built-in cable. Available in 500GB and 1TB capacity. Solid state with no moving parts. 2.5x faster than most portable drives. 3 year limited warranty. Work with PC or Mac.


EVE Energy Strip $99
Individually control three power outlets with the app or Siri
Sync devices with your daily rhythm, and simulate presence while out or on vacation
Track total power consumption and see the projected cost
Safeguard electronics with advanced overcurrent, overvoltage, and surge protection
Save energy by turning off appliances that waste power in standby mode


Monster Towel
10x10ft HUGE Microfiber Towel great for school, park, beach
Special discount code FOX $15 OFF $89.95 $76.46

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