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Google issues urgent warning for anyone using Chrome browser

Follow these step to safely fix known Google Chrome vulnerability

by Kurt Knutsson

An unusually rare emergency warning for Google Chrome users. Serious security vulnerabilities have been discovered in one of the world’s most popular web browsers. While many browsers can be set to automatically update, it is recommended to manually check for updates immediately.

Threat level – HIGH

If an update for Chrome is available, follow the steps below to address these security vulnerabilities asap. Only download from official sources and never from a link found in an email, text, or social media post. I’ll show you how at the bottom of this report.


Danger to both Windows and Mac devices

The Google warning comes with some ominous threats including the most obvious concern that a threat actor can exploit your device via this vulnerability to execute arbitrary code. In plain speak, a hacker can take over your device and have it do a number of dangerous things in the background without you knowing.

The Google Chrome alert is targeted to all devices from downloads of Google Chrome browser not only here in the U.S. but globally. The trouble stems from a previously reported Zero-Day hack and a critical Redis vulnerability which both appear to be more dangerous than originally thought. Many details of the exploitation have not been revealed. More importantly, it has just gained the attention of the US Government Cyber Command.


U.S. Cybersecurity alert activated

An official CISA alert is now issued as of March 29 as the severity of the risk is becoming better known.   Google, for its part, is not discussing the exact nature of the vulnerabilities so that people have an opportunity to download the latest Chrome update designed to address the known security threat.

5/10/22 Update: Version 101.0.4951.64


How to protect all of your devices 24/7

While keeping software updated from safe sources is very important, this threat yet again underscores the importance of adding a layer of strong antivirus security protection on all of your devices. More often than not, these types of security threats are detected and kept away from harming you if you have deployed good protection. Lock up your tech now. See my review of Antivirus protection for 2022 including our top pick TotalAV.


How to safely Update Chrome browser now


  • For those with access to Google Chrome for Mac
  • Select About Chrome from the Chrome menu
  • Allow it to scan from a most recent update
  • Click Relaunch to complete the update


  • Open Chrome browser
  • At the top right, click More 
  • Click Help, then About Google Chrome
  • Select Update Google Chrome
    Note: If you do not see the “Update Google Chrome” button, then your browser is already updated
  • Click Relaunch to complete


  • From your phone or tablet, open the Google Play Store app
  • Tap the profile icon from the top right
  • Select Manage apps & device
  • Find Chrome located under “Updates available
  • Tap Update

iPhone & iPad

  • Launch Apple App Store
  • Tap Profile from the top right (it looks like you or a shape of a person)
  • Scroll down to “Available Updates” and search for Chrome
  • If you see Chrome on the list, tap Update
  • Enter your passcode or Apple ID password if prompted
  • Chrome will automatically update when finished downloading

We will continue to update this story as additional information becomes known.   If you found this report useful, consider sharing it with friends and family.

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