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5 Ways to Keep Dogs Safe and Cool in Hot Weather

by Kurt Knutsson

We spend so much money and time on making sure our dogs are as healthy as can be, whether that’s walking them every day or turning to companies like ultimate pet nutrition to supply us with pet nutrition products – we want them to be protected.

They are our best friends and experience heat differently than you and me. This is why you need to research how to care for them properly and get some top tips for what to do if they get ill, what dog foods are good for them, how to prevent them from falling ill and many more. Providing your dog with a well-balanced diet is one of the most effective ways to ensure its health during hot weather. Dog foods like Dr. Marty Pets are known for boosting immunity and keeping your pet’s fur shiny and sleek. Before purchasing one, it would however be a good idea to take a look at Dr Marty Pets reviews or of similar brands. Treating your dog with the right nutrients can make them more adept at adjusting to changing weather conditions. Besides nutrition, here are my favorite picks to grab for your four-legged pal that could help them stay cool this summer.

5 Ways to Keep Your Dogs Safe and Cool in Hot Weather: One Dog One Bone Pool

One Dog One Bone Pools

Refreshing and cool Bone Shaped Pool holds 85 gallons of fresh water and is made with truck bed liner material making it UV and chew resistant. List price $399 and I found it on Amazon for around $251. The smaller 20-gallon Paw Pool goes for $125.

5 Ways to Keep Dogs Safe and Cool in Hot Weather: Outdoor Dog Water Fountain

Dog Water Fountain

Outdoor Dog Water Fountain provides an endless supply of fresh water. Make sure to use a light color hose that won’t get hot in the sun. Activates when your dog steps on the paddle. Tip: Use the “paw” command to get them trained. Won’t work with tiny breeds or those afraid of water. $59 Dog Pet Water Fountain

5 Ways to Keep Your Dogs Safe and Cool in Hot Weather: Dog Water Bottle

H204K9 Water Bottle

Made by a dog lover for a dog lover. Take this 9oz or 25oz water bottle on the go. The clever attachment turns into a bowl. $20-25 H204K9 Water Bottles

5 Ways to Keep Your Dogs Safe and Cool in Hot Weather: Whistle Dog GPS Tracker

Whistle 3 GPS Collar

Whistle 3 GPS Collar is the latest dog tracking technology that attaches to your pup’s collar and is operated by a smartphone app. Glowing marks for its long battery life last up to 10 days on a charge. It’s water resistant, not water proof. Low entry price around $59.99 and requires an individual service plan $9.95/mo or $95.40/year. Whistle 3 GPS Collar

5 Ways to Keep Your Dogs Safe and Cool in Hot Weather: Ruffwear Jet Stream Cooling Coat Dogs Orange Left

RuffWear Swamp Cooler Vest & Jet Stream Cooling Vest

RuffWear Swamp Cooler Vest & Jet Stream Cooling Vest come in 6 sizes and made of 3 layers that work together to cool your dog. The outside layer wicks for evaporative cooling, middle layer stores water, and inner layer cools dog. To activate, soak in water, wring out and put on pup. $59 Ruffwear – Swamp Cooler, Cooling Vest for Dogs

With the sun out remember never to leave your dog in a parked car and if you see one locked in a parked car, call 911. Heatstroke is serious for dogs and their paw pads are sensitive to hot pavement like your bare feet. Make sure you are providing your best friend lots of extra fresh water and plenty of shade during hot days.


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