How Apple’s iOS 14.5 Privacy Tracking Tool Works

Apple finally released iOS 14.5 software with the much anticipated App Tracking Transparency privacy tool built in.

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is about to feel the biggest blow against the social media giant’s harvesting of your personal data by tracking your near every move selling out your personal details to churn billions of dollars from advertisers.

All that changes if you are using an Apple device like an iPhone and iPad. From now on, a popup warning will alert you to an app attempting to harvest your personal information.

You have the power to say whether you want to be tracked or not. When you choose “Ask App Not to Track” a couple of things happen.

First, Apple cuts off that app from accessing a series of numbers and letters that make up your iPhone and iPad’s unique identifier.

And then the app developer is told that you don’t want to be tracked, and that you don’t want your personal data shared with anyone else.

Apple’s new iOS 14.5 contains a bunch of new features including one that introduces App Nutrition Labels showing more clearly what an app does with your otherwise private information.

One app beat them to it showing you in detail what an app is doing with your personal data. Download Tiki app to discover how you are being trolled and your data harvested by big tech and apps. They take it a step further by offering to get you paid for granting others access to your data.

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