Powerful Android malware sneaks ransomware on your phone

An Android malware attack targets banking credentials and could go right after your money.  A popular malware by the name of “Sova” which targets Android devices is making news again since it was first discovered last year.    The malware can mimic and target over 200 mobile applications including banking apps and crypto transfers and can now infect devices with ransomware.

What is ransomware?

The ransomware your device can be infected with is malware that will encrypt all of your files and data including banking details, passwords, and privacy data.  The only way you’d be able to gain access to these files again is if a ransom payment is made.

What is trojan malware?

You may have heard of the term “Trojan Horse”, in which soldiers were hidden in a wooden horse to then enter the city of Troy and win the war.  In a similar fashion, Trojan malware is hidden in what appears to be well-known programs or apps which once installed is used to gain access to a user’s computer or software.  These programs may look like a “Google” app or “Amazon” app when in fact it’s a fake app.

If this isn’t bad enough, this Sova malware is continuously being updated, with harsher and more harmful abilities with each new version. The newest update gives hackers the chance to take screenshots using the device it has attacked and gather your passwords by bypassing multi-factor authentication.

How to protect yourself

  1. Always keep your iOS or Android software up to date
  2. Be sure to back up your files How to back up your Windows or Mac computerHow to back up your mobile devices
  3. When downloading an app, always check the number of ratings (avoid apps with little to no ratings), and the quality of the written comments (A telltale sign of suspicious apps often have poor grammar).  Also, be sure that the developer has a legit website.
  4. By far the smartest protection is to install good security protection on all of your devices for the best protection.  My top pick is TotalAV (Limited time deal: $19 your first year (80% off).  More: Best Antivirus Protection in 2022 found here.



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