The ‘Unsubscribe’ email scam is targeting Americans

Do you ever feel like your inbox has been overtaken by spam or pesky emails?

We’ve all been there – emails from companies bombarding us with deals and savings that we don’t need, and certainly didn’t ask for. How did these companies even get your email address? While spam email may be annoying, clicking unsubscribe from the emails could lead to even greater danger.

Here’s why you should be careful when unsubscribing from emails – especially if they appear to be spam emails, and how to stop those unwanted emails from clogging your inbox.


Should I click “unsubscribe” from junk email in my inbox?

If you ever click an “unsubscribe” button or link in your email, you could be putting yourself at risk for two different potential threats.

The “unsubscribe” malware scam

Some hackers are using emails that are either extremely vague or look like a real email you may receive from a company you’re not interested in. The email may ask if you’d want to “unsubscribe” from future emails, or they may offer you a link to cancel a subscription.

Clicking these links could actually confirm that you’ve received the email to lead you straight to a spammer, who may have access to install malware onto your device now that you’ve clicked their link.

How to protect yourself

Scammers are always trying to disguise links so you need to always have a wall of defense that is always on.  We’ve said this before and we’ll keep saying it: installing Antivirus software across your devices will identify malware and prevent you from ever clicking and installing a malicious link in the first place. We’ve broken down the top antivirus programs for 2022 and our top antivirus pick is Total AV, which offers a Total Security package that has real-time monitoring and will keep your devices virus-free.

Never click a link from an email address you don’t know.

You could be adding yourself onto yet another email spam list!

When you go through the effort of unsubscribing from a marketing email, you’ve just confirmed to the sender that your account is active. This could lead to companies selling your email address knowing there’s a higher chance you’ll open the emails you receive.


What should I do instead of “unsubscribing” from junk mail?

Smart Tip:  Mark undesirable email as junk

While you could simply delete all of the spam email, marking it as junk will automatically move the email out of your inbox. You’ll also be offered an option to block the sender of your junk emails, which you’ll want to do if you see any sketchy links in the body of the email.


How can I quickly and easily unsubscribe at once from some of the legitimate emails I get?

Unroll your emails

While we’re speaking of unsubscribing,  if you don’t want to unsubscribe from every single legitimate email you’re receiving, or you still occasionally want some of those online coupons but don’t want your inbox clogged, we have a solution that will make it easy to do so. makes it simple to declutter your inbox by unsubscribing to emails for you, keep the ones you do want, and group together all the other ones that maybe you don’t want to see every day, but still want access to. You can get one daily digest from all of your favorite brands and companies instead of individual ones from each of them.

You log in to your email on the site, and it pulls up all of the different companies sending you constant emails. Then go through them one by one, and mark what you’d like to do.




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