How to add widgets to your iPhone and make your life easier

Recently a subscriber purchased Apple’s new Magsafe Battery Pack and asked “how can I tell how much battery life is left on the device?”

In order to monitor this, you will need to add a battery “widget” to your iOS device.

Before we dive into this, let’s first understand what widgets are.

What is a widget and how can you add it to your device?

Starting with iOS 14, you can use widgets on your Home Screen to keep your favorite information at at a glance without having to open any apps or go to any webpages.  This includes widgets that will display quick info pertaining to

  • your photos
  • weather
  • google search box
  • the latest news


How to add a widget to your Apple Device

In order to do this:

1) Tap and press on your phone until all the icons start wiggling

2) Click the “+” icon in the upper left hand corner of your iOS device


3) In this case of the question posed to us, scroll down until you see the row that says “Batteries” (green icon).  Note you can proceed to add any widget using these instructions.

4) It will show you all the ways the widget can look on your device. It will show you how much battery life remains on your including your iOS Phone or Tablet, Apple MagSafe Battery pack, Apple Watch and Airpods. Go ahead and click the green bar “+ Add Widget”.

5) You now can drag that widget to any screen on your device.


Note you can add a widget to the “Today View” screen by swiping right from the Home Screen or Lock Screen.  This “Today View” is a screen dedicated to all apps.


6) Click the “Done” button in the upper right hand cor ner of your device to set it.

Note, you can add additional widgets to your device by selecting another widget noted above in step # 3.

How to move or delete a widget on your Apple Device

If you choose to move or delete the widget, go ahead and tap and press the widget again.  To move it around click the “Edit Home Screen” icon and the move it around.  When finished, click the “Done button.”

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