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How to get free Digital Books

by Kurt Knutsson

Did you know that if you already have an active local public library card, you have access to borrow blockbuster movies, music, bestselling audiobooks, ebooks, comics and TV shows to watch on your digital device?

Some bestsellers have a waitlist that may be worth adding your name.

Hoopla can work on virtual every platform and you can access the site from your desktop browser or mobile app which can all be accessed here.   If you download the app, you can access while in airplane mode or far off the beaten path leaving wifi far behind.

Tip: Keep your eye on the date your book, audiobook, movie and TV show expires. A title on loan to you automatically gets returned and removed at the end of your borrowing time just like the old says of library books.

If you don’t see your library listed on Hoopla, try connecting to the website of your local library to see how to digitally check out some great works of content.

Getting started with Hoopla:

For iOS devices:

YouTube player


For Android devices:

YouTube player


Using your laptop or desktop browsers:

YouTube player


Best sites to stream free movies, TV shows and live news

More Quick Tips here

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