How to take a family photo …AND be in the photo!

How to take a family photo …AND be in the photo!

by Kurt Knutsson

There you are at a family holiday dinner wanting to document the occasion.  Now you want a picture with everyone but the problem is there is no one to take the photo to capture everyone at once.


Here’s what you need to do to take the perfect family photo (with you in the photo!)


iOS Devices

If you’ve got an Apple Watch, an iPhone, and a great high place to carefully prop your camera against, I’ve got you covered.

1) Open the “Camera Remote app” on your Apple Watch
Remote Camera App


2) After clicking it, you’ll see that the camera on your phone opens up


3) Click the circular icon in the bottom right of your phone that looks like 2 arrows and it will flip your camera so that the camera will take the shot from the front of the camera – which will also allow it to act as a viewfinder for you as you continue to set up the shot.

4) Now prop your phone up high … maybe on a shelf, leaning against a glass until you properly frame the shot. I like to use a ladder

I love using this telescopic phone tripod that’s inexpensive on price, and rich on performance making for great photos.

  • Be sure to lie the camera horizontal instead of vertical so you can better get everyone into the shot
  • Tip: Click the circular icon in the upper right-hand part of your phone screen to turn on the live photo option.  This will record a quick mini-movie that will then allow you to select the perfect frame where everyone is not blinking!  More on this magic tip hereLive Photo

5) Get everyone in position until you see that everyone fits inside the viewfinder of the phone.


6) On your Apple Watch screen,  you’ll see a circular icon in the center that reads “3s” (3 seconds).  After clicking this icon, it will give you 3 seconds until the picture is taken

Apple Watch Remote Camera App

7) Before pressing the 3s button on your apple watch,

  • tell everyone to direct their eyes towards the top part of the front-facing phone.  You’ll see a small green light so you know where the camera is.  Be sure to double-check where the camera is depending on how you oriented the camera


8) Press the “3s: button.  You’ll see a large “3”….”2″…”1″ appear in the viewfinder to give everyone a few seconds to look their best


9) Your photo is now in your camera roll, ready to be shared with your guests.


Android & Samsung Devices

1) If you have an Android or Samsung Galaxy phone and a Galaxy watch (Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Watch Active2, Galaxy Watch3, Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy S9), here’s what you need to do to connect the devices:

a) For Android phones, you’ll now need to get the Wear OS app on your phone:

YouTube player


b) For Samsung phones using the Galaxy watch 4 series, click here to learn how to set up your smartwatch to your phone. While the Galaxy Watch4 has the app already installed, any previous versions of the watch will require you to download the Camera Controller app to your phone and watch.


2) Once installed, open the Camera Controller app on your watch.  Your phone’s camera will launch.  You’ll be able to see a preview on your watch of what your phone is pointing to. On your watch,  tap Capture to then record photos and videos.

3) Once your family is assembled and you have your camera pointing at you, open the camera app, tap the Timer icon at the top of the watch screen and you’ll see different time increments (2, 5 and 10 seconds).

4) When you’re ready, click on the big white dot at the bottom of the screen to initiate the timer and take the shot.  The shot will now be ready for you to review in your photo gallery on your phone.

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