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Apps Show You How to Survive a Crash Landing

by Kurt Knutsson

New apps are meant to add a game into entertaining you into learning how to escape from a survivable commercial jet crash. Most people have their heads down looking into a book , tablet or their smartphone as well-intended flight attendants perform one of their most important duties – instructions on how to save your life.

Flight safety apps Learn to Brace and Life Vest put you in a virtual aircraft cabin asking you to do what you think will give you the greatest chance of surviving with minimal injury. Created at an Italian university, using photorealistic data, they have managed to create a video which shows the perspective of the person wearing the Oculus VR headset as you experience what it may like to ditch in the water after a bird strike similar to the US Airways airbus that went into the Hudson river.

Emergency Water Landing Virtual Reality

An Italian university developed a short film (to be viewed on a virtual reality headset) showing passengers how to survive a plane crash landing on water. The video is based on the “miracle on the Hudson” when Capt Sully successfully ditched his commercial plane loaded with passengers after a bird strike took out both engines . In the video a loud bang can be heard, the plane rocks side to side then descends. The user is shown:

  • ways to survive inflate the life jacket & head to the emergency exit where flight attendants show you out to the evacuation slide
  • cries and screams heard like you could expect from the real thing
  • At the end, a scene warns you of mistakes like wasting time grabbing luggage- the user is shown overcome with water



Am I Going Down‘ app ($1.99 last I checked)
Given your departure, destination, airline and aircraft of choice app gives you the odds of your plane wrecking. While nervous fliers might appreciate the wildly low chance of a crash, I found it novelty at best and one I doubt I’ll keep for long except to appease seatmates onboard that seem to have the look of fright in their eyes.. and not from the abysmal food that most domestica carriers in the U.S. serve to their passengers as if to remind them how unimportant they are to the airline, but that’s another story. Here’s the intention of Am I Going Down app:

  • meant to put nervous fliers at ease thanks to astronomic odds of crashes
  • app uses date from accident archives and flight records



Learn to Brace‘ app

  • “Learn to Brace” app created by University of Udine’s Human
  • an action every passenger can take is the brace position before impact
  • App illustrates the brace position; federal aviation administration suggests and tests you in a mock crash

Learn to Brace App



Life Vest‘ app

  • Interactive game that allows you to face the danger of a water landing
  • Interact with game character to make it wear the life vest properly and jump out of the plane alive
  • You can also compare results with other players
  • Fail to operate the lifevest correctly and you drown.


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