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Latest Netflix scam claims you’ll get a free renewal

Scam alert! Watch out for this latest phishing scheme that targets Netflix users to steal personal information

by CyberGuy Staff

Despite the popularity and competition of streaming services, Netflix has risen their prices as recently as January of this year. Now hackers are taking advantage of that by targeting customers with a scam that offers a free subscription.

Here’s the latest Netflix scam you should beware of, and what to do if you find yourself on the other end of it.


Netflix Free Subscription Scam

With recent news reporting that Netflix may try and stop friends and families from sharing passwords, it seems Netflix is looking to make more money – not less. That’s why this scam preys on customers who might get distracted by an offer that is definitely too good to be true.

The scam usually comes in the form of a text message that offers a 1-year free subscription. The scam began during the earlier days of Covid, and would state that the free subscription is to encourage viewers to stay home.

Netflix Text Scam

netflix scam text


What the scammers want in the Netflix Scam

These phishing text messages contain a link that will lead to a fake website that looks just like Netflix. It will have you log into your Netflix account, but you’re really just handing over your username, password, and likely payment information attached to the account to the hacker.

Netflix promises to never ask for credit/debit card information, bank details, or passwords over text message. They will also never request payment through a third-party vendor.


How to avoid being scammed

Never click a link from an unknown message. If you do click a link accidentally, never input any personal information – or anything at all – into the website you’ve opened.

Always log into Netflix on their website or app directly.

Install Antivirus Protection to keep your devices and information safe. We recommend Total AV – it’s easy to install, works with all Mac/PC/iOS/Android devices, and protects against ransomware and other phishing schemes.  It’s super easy to install and protects Windows, Mac, Android & iOS Devices.  Limited time deal for CyberGuy readers: $19 your first year (80% off)


What to do if you click a link from a fake Netflix text

  • First and foremost – change your Netflix password.
  • If you use that email/password combination on any other website, be sure to change it there too.
  • Contact your bank to alert them your financial information may be at risk.
  • Finally – forward the message to phishing@netflix.com


Be on the lookout for more of the latest scams:

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