Back to School tech earns the top grade

Sure you want to have the edge in life.  And so should students of all ages and grade levels.   For 2022, we focus on extremely practical and smart things that fit perfectly in life for learning and some tech designed to protect you as we head back to school.

#1 Take notes with a smartpen

Neo Smartpen M1

This Bluetooth digital pen compatible with iOS, Android smartphones and tablets, and Windows PC gets to the top of my list.  Neo Smartpen M1 transcribes handwritten notes on paper to text on your smart device or computer.  It even works without bringing your phone or tablet with you – it can sync later after class.



#2 Protect kids from digital threats

Antivirus protection TotalAV limited time deal $14.95 (reg. $119)

Send your kids back to school with protection against the rising dangers of cyber threats.  Yes, our kids are just as vulnerable as grownups.

No one should be going out in the world without protecting their technology from threats that range from ransomware attacks to money-draining theft of bank accounts and massive privacy invasions.

We gave the best antivirus protection a thorough review for 2022 and our top pick TotalAV is offering an incredible Back to School deal of $14.95 for the first year (regular price $119).  That’s a savings of $104.

We are told that this limited offer is the best price ever offered for this award-winning protection that works on a Windows PC or laptop, Mac computer, Android, iPhone and iPad.

This special limited-time offer will protect up to 3 devices at a time.   It’s time to lock up your technology with strong antivirus protection.  You won’t find a price better than this special limited-time $14.95 offer for TotalAV.



#3 STEM toys give young ones an early learning edge

GeoSafari Jr. My First Microscope by Educational Insights

Educational STEM toys help kids get an extra edge in their learning journey. I found this GeoSafari Jr. My First Microscope at Walmart.

The GeoSafari Jr. My First Microscope by Educational Insights is a real-working scientific tool that allows kids to see a magnified hidden world with ease.

My First Microscope encourages scientific exploration, rewards curiosity, and builds confidence as kids prep for the upcoming school year

This fully-functioning microscope comes equipped with extra-large eyepieces, a kid-sized focusing knob and a bright LED that lights up details for even more discoveries.

Get your child excited about STEM as they explore anything from a piece of pizza, to a small toy or flowers – with up to 8x magnification.



#4 Create instant envy at school with these new open-ear wireless earbuds

ARC Open Ear True Wireless Earbuds by Cleer Audio

These incredible earbuds just hit the market in time for back to school.   The Open Ear design allows for safe listening to music or podcasts without anything blocking or placed inside your ear canal. Hear your surroundings naturally.
Great for college and high school kids, I’ve never experienced such smart, great-sounding earbuds that are super comfortable to wear.

The Open Ear design allows for safe listening to music or podcasts without anything blocking or placed inside your ear canal. Hear your surroundings naturally – so smart!

Comfortable fit with a flexible hinge and an over-the-ear hook designed to keep them comfortably in place. Use 1 bud or both for listening or talking on the phone.

Touch controls to change tracks, play and pause, volume control, take and end calls and access your phone’s default voice assistant. No need to pull out your phone.

Cleer + App for your own personal EQ adjustments and to customize your touch controls.  Find the new Cleer Audio ARC Open Ear True Wireless Earbuds here.



#5 Fold this Galaxy Z Flip 4 in half on your way to class

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 smartphone

The 4th generation foldable Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 phone can be preordered for as low as $99.99.   Early reviews are good for this slimmer design with a  bigger screen and premium camera technology.  Check with your wireless provider for back-to-school specials through Aug 25th


BONUS TIP: Look for deals where educators and students get a discount. Apple offers special pricing but you won’t get it unless you enter with the education link found at the bottom menu on the Apple main site or from a special offer your school may provide.

This is the latest Macbook Air M2 starting at $1099. for students and teachers, regularly $1199.  There’s also a limited-time offer of an added $150 gift card for certain purchases during the back-to-school season.



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