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Upgrade Your Way Back to School

by Kurt Knutsson

Out with the old and in with the new way to be ultra smart and prepared for going back to school. Smart ideas to take the tried and true and make them all better.

Polar Bear Coolers Lunchbox to College Backpack

Keep the the little ones’ lunch at safe temp at school and still cool by the end of the last after school activity with the smaller Polar Bear Cooler and go with a bigger backpack style Polar Bear Coolers for high school and college. I would ditch the dorm fridge for any of these in a heartbeat.

I discovered these amazingly well constructed Polar Bear Coolers soft coolers ages ago and have gifted them to many friends. I check them as luggage, go grocery shopping with the larger nylon 48 pack size nylon version. Polar Bear Coolers have incredibly smart insulation technology that keeps ice up to 3 days and come in all sorts of sizes and styles.

Upgrade Your Back to School Shopping - Polar Bear Coolers

This is perfect to keep cool all the way through after school activities all the way into the weekend for a day at the beach. From waterproof, backpack style to the standard nylon style for a regular guy like me, the zip down the middle design opens up wide for easy packing and cleaning.

Polar Bear Urban Canteen vacuum insulated water bottles go hand in hand with the coolers. Together this is a great product line to get your family though summer and beyond.

Crash and Learn Drone

FlyBlocks DIY Drone Kit lets you be the technician, the engineer and pilot with this incredible drone building, crashing and flying experience. I built three of these and got addicted in the process that lets you build a flying drone from 72 pieces from scratch. Then the best part.. crash and learn as you rebuild.

FlyBlocks are a 4 in 1 Build N Fly kit concept that encourages creativity in the engineering process. Imagine how empowering it is to create something out of pieces that can not only fly, but ignite the imagination. I really love FlyBlocks DIY 4-in-1 Drone Kit for the simple fact that it encourages STEM learning

At $69.95, FlyBlocks just gave me about a hundred hours of fun!

Upgrade your back-to-school gear: Lenovo Legion Y530

Student by Day, Gamer by Night

The Lenovo Legion Y530 15″ laptop just made the top of the list and for good reason. Aside from the feeling that you are getting the latest redesigned laptop that can command the classroom and has the muscle to kick butt for gamers Lenovo has completely redesigned this into a modern, sophisticated, chic expressions that has got the looks and the strength.

In fact. the Lenovo Legion Y530 is the perfect balance of performance and portability. It’s got the best looking back-lit keyboard that’s highly responsive and feels right.

It’s also optimized to run cooler and quieter with its dual channel thermal system and 70 individual blades that cool it perfectly all at a price tag under $1000. Lenovo Legion Y530

Favorite MacBook Accessory Ever

Plug one end of the Kingston Nucleum into a USB-C port like the one on my MacBook and get 7 ports of possibilities. It lets you connect all kinds of things you love like a mouse, monitor and accessories all while having a smart power pass through.

I now can hook up an HDMI 4K display, any of my drives, SD and MicroSD cards.. everything that’s important. When I do my podcast, it ends up on an SD memory card that now can easily be put on my main machine in seconds.

Perfect for any student, it’s small and light, easy to take with you and keeps the creativity flowing.

Kingston Nucleum just getting a price drop online 8/13 to $49.99! Now that’s the best price I have seen ever.

Best Tool for Cheaper Student Loans

As of right this second – we have around $1.5 trillion in total U.S. student loan debt and more than 44.2 million Americans owe big time.

Ready for college? First you hit the federal student loans, then find a private student loan to cover any gap. Credible.com is the leading source to compare student loan rates. Shopping around student loans for better rates could save you thousands of dollars and it’s as simple as searching for airfare.

Private student loans can help students fill in the gap between federal student loan limits and what it costs to attend a particular college or university. Companies such as SoFi offer no-fee private loans that are available to apply for online.

Collectively, Americans hold about $1.5 trillion in total U.S. student loan debt
The average student loan debt for Class of 2017 graduates was $39,400, up six percent from 2016. Certain graduate school majors (dentistry, doctors, veterinarians, etc.), it’s not uncommon for student loan debt to be in excess of $100,000. (Source: Credible) Free to search and conpare student loans online at credible.com.


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