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Best Halloween Decorations and Spooky Technology

by Kurt Knutsson

Lucky is how I feel to live in a neighborhood with one of the largest Halloween celebrations. I mean these people go wild for Halloween… and it’s time I join in on the fun. I’ve got an itch this year to step up my game for Halloween if for no other reason than an escape. I’m looking forward to dressing up, maybe upping the spook factor with colored contact lenses from Coleyes, and loads of fake blood! Sounds fun. I’m also going to use some winning Halloween apps and affordable Halloween decorations that I’ve been testing and have fallen in love with. One of the decorations that I’m excited to learn more about is neon signs. My friend always uses neon light signs from www.neonfilter.com for Halloween. She customizes them and gets Halloween-themed messages put on them. She will then hang the sign in her living room and put the neon light on for the evening. It makes her room look amazing. That’s something that I would like to get at some point.


Best Halloween App

Halloween Spooky Sounds app (iOS) Turns your iPhone or iPad into a Halloween sound board with 50 high-quality special effects. I’ ve had more fun with this sound board of scary sounds that I ever imagined and cannot wait to route the airplay audio out to our front yard speakers on October 31st. Halloween Spooky Sounds app is free with annoying pop-up ads or $1.99 for the ad-free version. A similar Android app is getting lots of praise called Halloween Sounds Free for Android in the Google Play store. Tip: Create your favorite loop of Halloween sounds then record it for playback when you don’t want to keep hitting the sound effects buttons.

How to Up Your Halloween Decor Fun


This ‘trick’ mirror switches from reflective surface to interior optical illusion. When off, the mirror acts just like a regular mirror. Switch it on, and the Black Infinity Mirror comes alive with an endless tunnel of lights and an optical illusion that has anyone guessing how deep and far it goes into another spooky universe. Black Infinity Mirror $39 at GrandinRoad.


This looks the part of a the best “Skelephone” that a Hollywood special effects artist could dream up. Add to it the fact that its motion-activated when someone unsuspectingly comes near and the fun starts. When triggered the skull and bones prop telephone self-dials, rings and the hand set lifts up. Animated Skeleton Telephone $79 from GrandinRoad.


Plug it in and watch any decor inside or outside look mysterious and spooky. The Halloween Fog Machine is one of the most affordable and highest rated on Amazon. Add a gallon of the fog juice to keep it going for hours upon hours. I place ours in the outside shrub near the front door and watch the fog set in to set the Halloween mood. One of the best ways to add special effects to selfie videos for all seasons. Halloween Fog Machine $39


Hang it on the wall or set on a table or in the window for this Halloween spooky light element. It gives me the chills at night even though I know there’s not really a wild 6 armed woman in the box with snakes in her hair! Six Arm Lady Shadow Box $59


Turn it on and the motion-detector on the front will activate this creepy old typewriter prop spelling out the letters H-E-L-P on its own. You can even see the keys being pressed down by an imaginary ghost. Animated Haunted Typewriter $139 from GrandinRoad


This is the best $10 I’ve spent in ages. This small, all-weather spotlight gives off a multi-color spiral effect and comes with a stake to shove in the ground or in a plant. Direct the spiral lightshow at the outside of your house. Spiral Lightshow Spotlight comes with bulb and plugs into a regular 110volt power outliet.

Best Free Halloween Selfie Filter app



Take a photo or use one already in your photos to transform your beautiful self into a horrific looking zombie with this free app called Dead Yourself. The best part is that you can choose to save and share as a video or photo. The video is the one that will creep out your friends and family. The Walking Dead: Dead Yourself Halloween app for iOS
and Android.

If you like any of these spooky ideas, share them with a friend. Happy Halloween!

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