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Preview: Top 2019 Holiday Gifts

by Kurt Knutsson

Trends are pointing to gifts that improve life around the home. The world of connected devices at home are dropping in price and getting easier to use. When shopping for someone special, adding on to their favorite existing tech can be a winner.

For example, I have an Amazon Echo Plus. A perfect gift for me could be two ways to expand my love of Alexa coming through the smart speaker. Amazon Sub is an affordable wireless subwoofer that boost the audio by adding more robust bass.

Another idea, Echo battery base lets me take the Echo outside around the house while it’s in range of our WiFi. It’s one of the easiest ways to add music to an Al fresco dining experience.

Best Tech Gifts For Fathers Day: HopsyHopsy countertop home tap + draft beer $78.79

Hopsy is the keurig of beer. This starter pack is an amazing gift for the beer lover and entertainer on your shopping list. CyberGuy has secured a limited amount of Hopsy starter kits that come with the Hopsy Sub appliance and 4 mini-kegs of beer that you pick. Ice cold craft beer on draft has never been this good! No CO2 cartridges or maintenance needed. Re-order craft beer mini-kegs from hundreds of favorite beers. Reg price 199.99, Now $78.79 for Hopsy Sub Home Tap and 4 mini-kegs. www.hopsy.beer/cyberguy

Wyze Sense $19.99

From the company that forced an industry to lower camera prices, comes their just released tech that allows you the same affordable access to contact sensors and motion sensors you can place on anything like liquor cabinets, a cookie jar, garbage cans, safes etc. You get a notification whenever a Wyze Sense sensor detects contact or motion. At such a low price point and reputation for quality and simplicity, these are going to be a hit this season. Wyze Sense $19.99

Weatherman Umbrella $59 – $95

Perhaps the world’s best made umbrella with smart technology built in will keep you from ever leaving your umbrella behind. Made by a meteorologist, it can withstand winds of 55 MPH. The industrial strength fiberglass and quality construction make this the best umbrella we’ve ever tested. The fact that the Weatherman Umbrella added a free app with Weatherman droplet tracker makes this the first tracker that can keep you from leaving it at home or work when rain is possible. So smart, great designs, several colors. www.weathermanumbrella.com Weatherman Umbrella $59 – $95

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