Best Summer BBQ Gadgets

I love to grill. I’m always looking for the latest ways that make grilling fun and more importantly turn out great grilled food. It’s only right that I make a confession. As much I love grilling, I can’t help but think I’ve got it all right when suddenly a beautiful steak ends being either undercooked or way overcooked. Now friends and family are going to love what’s coming off our grill nailing the perfect temperature.

The breakthrough Lynx Smart Grill is a seriously intelligent and high-quality grill. It is voice activated, app-controlled. You pick the recipe and it takes it from there. Quick preheat of the grill, step-by-step voice-guided recipes set the right temp, tell you how long to cook, and its weather-proof built-in speaker lets you know when to flip. With a price tag between $7,500 and $10,000 depending on size, there is much more inside that has made it possible to be the perfect grill master. Lynx Smart Grills

You already love your grill and want to up your game on perfection, the Weber iGrill Mini heat thermometer is super popular. Slide the probe into the meat, it keeps an eye on grill cooking alerting you on the app when it’s ready. I love that you can monitor the temperature rising while its cooking. $50 Weber iGrill Mini

You’ll never waste more money on short-lived lighting wands that run out of fuel sooner than you want. The HomeRight Electro Light C900046 Fire Starter from our Swedish friends uses 1100 degree hot air to light coal, briquettes, and wood within 60 seconds without any chemicals and never needs fuel. $41 HomeRight Electro Light C900046 Fire Starter

Where has this light been my whole grilling life!? Brookstone Handle-Mount Grill Light is a simplistic genius. This battery operated light hooks to any grill handle so you can cook in the dark. I finally get to stop jumping up and down in front of our motion activated flood lights to see what’s on the grill! $40 Brookstone Handle-Mount Grill Light

GrillBot does what I don’t want to. Think of it as Roomba for the grill. The three motors scrub away at the dirty grilling surface with the press of one button and recharges with its included battery. $99 – $119.95 GrillBot

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