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Summer Must-Have Essentials

by Kurt Knutsson

Here’s the latest summer gear that will impress all your friends!

They nailed it on Shark Tank with the most brilliant idea for a portable safe for life. Inspired by a true story of getting items ripped-off while poolside three friends invented a way to keep your personal valuables safe while poolside, golfing, biking etc.

FlexSafe from Aquavault

Special discount 20% off use promo code “FOX” at www.theaquavault.com
Keep valuables safe on the go whether attached to a beach lounger, bike, golf cart, fence. I just last week lost expensive sunglasses while on vacation at the pool of a resort. If I had this at my lounge chair, I would still have them. This Sharks Tank hit will save you from valuables walking away while enjoying summer activities and travel. FlexSafe from Aquavault $69.95 www.theaquavault.com DISCOUNT CODE: FOX

CINEMOOD Portable Movie Theatre

Cool off outdoors at night or inside during a hot summer day with the tiny 3 inch led projector that turns any surface into a 12 foot movie screen. CINEMOOD is the world’s first absolutely noiseless, 3″ ultralight standalone projector, that converts any surface into a 12-foot magic cinema – perfect for summer travel in the car, plane, or train or using while camping, hosting pool parties, or at the beach! All you need to do is go to your favorite app or site (for example, HellHorror.com) for watching movies, and then you can either download it or watch it normally to your convenience.
CINEMOOD is a true sanity saver for parents. From doctor’s office waiting rooms to long flights or drives, or even just while mom tidies up the playroom, CINEMOOD is an easy, safe way to entertain the kids.

CINEMOOD comes preloaded with kid-friendly content and you can connect via Wi-Fi to access even more streaming options, including Netflix, Amazon Prime or YouTube. Or, you can download content directly to steam in areas without an Internet connection. With very limited blue light, CINEMOOD is safer for little eyes than an iPad or TV screen.

CINEMOOD Portable Movie Theatre reg $399 – from 7/22-7/28 it will be $299 on Amazon when you click coupon on amazon

PoolCandy Splash Runner motorized pool lounger

About the best invention I’ve ever seen to cool off in the water. Keep your cold beverage in the builtin cup holder on the Pool Candy Splash Runner to stay hydrated.
Zoom around your pool effortlessly with 2 battery-operated motors.
Built to hold and transport up to a 300-pound passenger comfortably.
Drive forward, reverse or even a complete circle with 360 degree control PoolCandy Splash Runner motorized pool lounger $199.99

Monster Towel

Take to the park, beach or wherever you get your summer chill out going.
Sometimes the simplest ideas become huge… and that’s what this Summer must-have Monster Towel is.
100 sq feet, 10 x 10 foot towel, super soft microfiber, highly absorbent.
Monster Towel is packed with cool features such as a hidden corner pocket for valuables, a slit in the middle for a beach umbrella, and corner pockets you can fill with sand to keep it weighed down and in place.
Monster Towel is a huge microfiber towel measuring 10×10 feet, yet it rolls up small & compact making it easy to carry taking the place of six bulky towels! Monster Towel $89.95
https://monstertowel.com/ Special 15% OFF using Discount Code “FOX

My Passport Go Portable Drive

Be blackout ready with your personal data. When you escape to a cooler spots, take your data with you in a rugged secure drive that makes sure you are ready for any temp at any location with all of your essentials in your control instead of a cloud. A tough and durable SSD, this is my favorite go to portable drive I take for travel, and have also added to My Passport Go to my emergency crash bag for a power outage and any emergency. How are you going to access the cloud for your data when the power and internet are out? Don’t be held hostage by big tech cloud data companies when you can keep total control over all of your backups and storage all of the time. And this My Passport Go brilliantly has the USB cable builtin to the design. 500GB to 1TB sizes in yellow or blue. My Passport Go Portable Drive $79.95

Xanadu Portable Hand Held Mini Fan

Cool off on the go with the pocket sized rechargeable fan that also recharges your phone
Mini portable 2 speed fan operates for 8 to 12 hours between charges
Acts as emergency backup power for your smartphone or other device needing a USB charge. Xanadu Portable Hand Held Mini Fan $13.90

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