4 Tips for Credit Card Fraud Protection

Identity theft is the biggest property crime in the United States with 16 million American victims every year. Out of this nearly 40% have their identities stolen through credit card information. How can you protect yourself?  Kurt the CyberGuy has credit card fraud protection tips that will help keep you safe against identity theft:

1) No tech tip: Lock your mailbox and possessions to prevent thieves from obtaining your information.  Be mindful of “Felony lane gangs” (thieves who follow you through last-lane in drive through ATM) and thieves who:

  • break into cars and use your identity info and registration
  • steal laptops to comb through info that help break into accounts
  • backpacks are popular target: most contain laptop, tablet, and wallet
  • find your home address, go to your home & steal your mail

2) Low tech tip: Sign up for online access to all your accounts to be alerted of any suspicious activity

3) High tech tip: Sign up for the latest Billguard app and learn more about their location detection alerts feature here.

4) New mobile payment technologies like Apple Pay are safer than carrying credit cards. When using apple pay, your credit card number is never shared with retailer or stored in store systems

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