Best Antivirus Security Software and Apps to Protect You 2021

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For 2021, these are the top antivirus security software and apps that are amongst the best at giving you strong protection for all of your devices.  Threats are at the highest levels and doing the most financial damage and violating our personal privacy.

The security solution that works best for my family and that offers the greatest value is the bundle that allows either 5 or 10 device protection for Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android devices.  Let’s start with the one I like the most, TotalAV


CyberGuy’s Top Choices for Antivirus Software:




  • Easy setup
  • Offers a free version
  • Paid users receive real-time protection
  • Phishing scam protection
  • Ransomware Protection
  • System tune-up tools
  • Disk cleaner (find out which files may be wasting space and remove from your computer)
  • Browser manager and cleaner
  • Protects Windows, Mac, Android & iOS Devices
  • Customer service is very prompt


  • Not really a con, but best features like VPN and adblocker only come in paid versions
  • Only protects up to 6 devices on the most expensive version



  • Up to 6 devices with the Total Security package  (This is the one I chose and use for my family’s protection)
Deal: $19 for the first year (80% off)



Bitdefender  [Runner-Up]

Bitdefender Total Security
MacOS, Windows, iOS and Android device protection
Annual or monthly subscription currently at $36/year (40% discount) for up to 5 devices (slightly more for 10 devices) that include MacOS, iOS, Windows and Android. This seems to be the best solution for a family like mine with multiple devices from the list of their endless sometimes confusing Bitdefender offerings that shouldn’t steer you away.

Bitdefender is strong while being user friendly and easy to use. It’s great at protecting many evils beginning with anti-virus security that recognizes malware, ransomware, viruses and other threats like spam. What I really like is the real-time data protection to battle malware automatically with their antivirus solution that does not slowdown anything you are doing. AI improvements can identify suspicious threats on your network and block an attack fast.

Bitdefender’s Rescue Mode can clean-up threats to keep your devices safe. It has a lot of bells and whistles that I like especially the file shredder that takes deleting to a whole new level of destruction of sensitive personal info you want to erase for good. Bitdefender is popular with its users and available at multiple online stores but I find the best pricing is here directly from Bitdefender by cutting out the middleman.

Deal: 40% discount: $36/year



Norton’s Antivirus security products offer one of the most comprehensive protections. From a password manager, dark web personal data monitoring, identity theft, parental controls, VPN and malware detection, Norton has everything you would ever need. Of their nine products, I like the Norton 360 Deluxe and Norton 360 with Lifelock Select the most. On the downside, Norton does not offer file encryption, file shredding, or secure web browser but still surpasses the rest with its commitment to maintaining a strong level of protection.



Deal: up to 66% starting at $19.99 for the first year


Panda Security

Panda Security Antivirus from the company that has been around for 30 years is outstanding. I’ve toured their headquarters and threat center in Spain and understand their level of protection first hand. They are out front with their smart technology monitoring everything with an outstanding track record of detecting attacks before they cause extensive damage. Panda has a very good grasp of using AI for your security based on behavior intelligence and real-time threat analysis. I recommend the Panda Complete as a starting point. However if you are looking for a VPN which would provide secure, private and unlimited Internet browsing, I would recommend their Premium product.

Deal: 50% off starting at $23.99



McAfee Internet Security total protection protects many different devices for a low cost. They did a really good job with their password manager and the malware protection already at the top of the game keeps getting better and better. For moms or dads, the lack of parental controls on the middle-level products are a disappointment, but not enough to knock it out of the top security tools.

Deal: $30 off – $29.99 for first year



No matter what protection you decide to use, awareness is half the battle. Keep second and third guessing every suspicious sense you feel in your gut when engaged in technology, reading email and texts.

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chuck C November 7, 2021 - 5:17 am
what do you think about using Malwarebytes along with bitdefender? I currently run Malwarebytes. Also, what do you thing about refurbished laptops. I'm looking to get a new laptop. My current laptop is starting to run slow sometimes. Thanks for your newsletter Chuck
PC. Rom January 26, 2022 - 7:23 am
Why isn't Microsft protecting our pcs? Why pay a third party with the protection required. Yes. I have been scammed on my pc.

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