New Drone Technology Changes the Way We Fight Terror

A swarm of 30 tiny drones flying together to overwhelm the enemy. It sounds like a movie with the Navy’s latest technology and it will change the way we fight the war on terror.

LOCUST Technology gets its acronym name from Low Cost UAV Swarm Technology/ Drones communicate with one another once launched:


  • LOCUST fires up to 30 drones coordinating and working together in a swarm like a pack of wolves on a hunt
  • Drones are going to play a big part in future conflicts
  • These swarming drones can be used on spy missions and attacks
  • Fly at speeds of 85MPH
  • Range 20 miles
  • Disposable
  • Can save lives of military and assets such as manned aircraft


How it Works

  • LOCUST drone technology is new tool allowing multiple drones to coordinate and swarm the enemy autonomously
  • Originally designed to protect large US vessels nearby
  • They could be used anywhere including civilian targets if re-purposed
  • expendable and inexpensive
  • LOCUST goal is to launch swarming UAVs to overwhelm the enemy
  • Can be deployed on land, vehicle, ship or fixed land position
  • First its is launched as a rocket tube
  • Then one by one each drones wings extend and take off on its own power
  • 30 rapidly launched drones swarm and talk to one another once launched sharing info and mission detail

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