Real-life spy catcher sweeps my house and finds everything

I like to call him a modern day Spy Catcher.  Hollywood celebrities, tech billionaires and corporate ceos just call Jeff Jerger at Microsearch in a pinch when they suspect someone may have tapped into easily available technology that secretly records video, listens and broadcasts audio from inside your most private spaces in life.

Jeff comes equipped with cases of the latest spy detection technology that add-up into the tens of thousands of dollars.  He’s the go to guy that’s mastered uncovering the smallest hidden devices anywhere in your world.  Some of these tiny spy gadgets record video onto a local memory card, others can be sending out everything it hears in a room using cellular back to a creepy outside snoop half way around the world.  And it’s now happening more and more to everyday people like you and me since the cost is so low.This may look like an ordinary USB charger.  Look closer and you can see that the tiny hole above the plug in the center is a hidden camera lens and microphone recording everything when motion is detected.  And yes, it also really charges.  Would you have noticed that this is really a hidden camera?  This USB Charger spy camera is only $23 on Amazon delivered.  But it did not escape our Spy Catchers sophisticated detection gear.  The most impressive is the Oscar Blue that looks for radio frequencies inside any space, even inside walls. 

This is one of the most common tiny listening bugs.  See one of these, and you can count on the fact that you are being recorded.  Even more secretive is this phone jack adapter that you’d never guess is also a listening device.

The Spy Finder device Jeff is using below spots the red reflection of a hidden camera.  Even the smallest camera lens like the one in this clock was detected by his spy gear.

I would have never thought nor noticed the fact that it was not only capturing video, and also is capable of streaming video live to someone’s phone located anywhere without you knowing it.

Who’s doing the spying?  Spouses, Kids, Angry co-worker, Pervs and Hackers.

Be on the lookout for other spy devices like these:

Hidden Spy Camera Photo Frame records video on memory card


Hidden Spy Camera Wireless WiFi Hidden Clock Cam  $42. 

How to Keep Spy Devices Out of Your Home

  • Use a flashlight to inspect your home like a spy catcher looking carefully at everything in your surroundings.  A common flashlight helps you spot a tiny camera lens that may go unnoticed by the naked eye.
  • Ordinary-looking spy devices often run hotter to the touch than the item they are pretending to be.
  • Look for strange devices connected to your WiFi.
  • Most spy devices are hidden in areas you spend the most time such as bedrooms and kitchen areas.

More ways to take back your privacy:

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