Say goodbye to big long passwords

My #1 recommended password manager, LastPass, just announced a new security feature that you may find helpful – especially if you can never remember any of your passwords.

Instead of a master password, LastPass will now allow users to log into your master vault of passwords through the LastPass Authenticator app.  You’ll simply just need to pair the app to your LastPass vault to access your password.  As Lastpass puts it on their site:

  • No more forgetting and resetting passwords
  • No more data breaches and hacks
  • No more time wasted resolving password lockouts

This definitely seems to be the trending security measure from a variety of companies.  Recently, Apple announced its new security focus with Passkeys which will allow you to access secure websites and apps without the need to remember a password.  You can also expect similar security coming to Google including Chrome and Android in the near future.

Have you ever forgotten an important password before? Comment below.

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