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Spying AirTags can now be found with Android devices

Apple introduces a free app to scan for "unknown" trackers that could be following you

by Kurt Knutsson

Protection from being spied on from Apple’s popular AirTag is now available for Android devices.

This newly released Android app from Apple is designed to alert you to the presence of Apple‘s popular AirTag tracking technology that could be used to surveil and steal from you and those you love.

Tracker Detect Apps On Google Play

Tracker Detect, the new android app from Apple has been uploaded to the Google play store. The free Tracker Detect app will alert you when there is an unknown AirTag in your vicinity for more than 10 minutes. With this important app for android users you can have the Apple AirTag tracker play a noise making it easier to find it. You also get instructions on how to remove its battery to disable the tracking device completely.

You will not need an Apple account to use the app.

Within hours of its release, this very useful Tracker Detect app is also coming under criticism with early online reviews saying that it requires you to proactively scan for AirTag trackers rather than be notified when one is near you. We have reached out to Apple for clarification about this functionality.

I recommend any Android device owner download this free Tracker Detect app by Apple available in the Google Play store.

The release of Tracker Detect for android users by Apple comes just after a number of creepy stalker events and a trend in car theft by AirTag reports. Some police departments including one that embraces technology in Canada has seen an uptick in the way in which criminals are stealing cars with the wildly popular $29 AirTag tracking device (also available in a 4 pack).


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