Suspicious apps found on Apple iPhone and Android – Delete ASAP

Suspicious apps found on Apple iPhone and Android – Delete ASAP

How to quickly check for suspicious apps on your Apple and Android devices

by Kurt Knutsson

Often we cover stories about malware in Android apps as well as malware found in iOS apps.  Now, news of over 10 new malicious apps found in the Mac App store and 75+ new malicious apps found Google Play store. While these apps have been removed from both stores, they still may be on your devices.

Why should you remove these apps

Security experts from HUMAN’s Satori Threat Intelligence & Research team discovered these 10 apps on Apple’s App store and 75+ Android apps engaged in ad fraud they’re calling ‘Scylla’. The apps contain code that creates fake clicks on your device which translates into revenue for the app developers.

As a result, you may see new ads on your phone that you haven’t seen before and in many cases, ads could be appearing on hidden screens you’re not even seeing.   Regardless, this is an intrusion into your device and an intrusion into your privacy with an open gateway to allow for other nefarious actions scammers can inject into your phone.

Delete these apps now

If you have the following apps on your apple devices, remove them now (here’s a refresher on how to remove apps from your devices):

iOS apps

  • Loot the Castle
  • Run Bridge
  • Shinning Gun
  • Racing Legend 3D
  • Rope Runner
  • Wood Scupltor
  • Fire-Wall
  • Ninja Critical Hit


Android apps (over 75):

  • Super Hero-Save the world!
  • Arrow Coins
  • Parking Master
  • Lady Run
  • Magic Brush 3D
  • Shake Shake Sheep
  • Number Combination: Colored Chips
  • Jackpot Scratcher-Win Real
  • Scratch Carnival
  • Ztime:Earn cash rewards easily
  • Billionaire Scratch
  • Lucky Wings – Lotto Scratchers
  • Lucky Star: Lotto Scratch
  • Shake Shake Pig
  • Lucky Money Tree
  • Run And Dance
  • Lucky Scratchers: Lotto Card
  • Pull Worm
  • Crowd Battle:Fight the bad guys
  • Shoot Dummy – Win Rewards & Paypal Cash
  • Spot 10 Differences
  • Find 5 Differences – New
  • Dinosaur Legend
  • One Line Drawing
  • Shoot Master
  • Talent Trap – NEW
  • Shoot it: Using Gun
  • Super Flake
  • Five-Star Slice
  • Sand Drawing
  • Mr Dinosaur: Play your Dino
  • Track Sliding New
  • Beat Kicker New
  • Fill Color 3D
  • Draw Live
  • Draw 1 Stroke
  • Fidget Cubes
  • Girls Fight
  • Ninja Assassin
  • Shooting Puzzle 2020
  • Pulley Parkour
  • Chop Flake 3D
  • Weapon Fantasy
  • Balloon Shooter
  • Musical Shoot
  • Chop Slices
  • Ninja Slice
  • Work Now!
  • Bottle Jump
  • Corn Scraper
  • Idle Wood Maker
  • Pop Girls Schooler
  • Romy Rush
  • Spear Hero
  • Dig Road Balls
  • BOO Popstar
  • Draw CompleteA
  • Rush 2048:3D Shoot Cubes
  • Meet Camera
  • Auto Stamp Camera
  • n/a
  • n/a
  • Roll Turn
  • Hiding Draw
  • Peter Shoot
  • Design n Road
  • Draw Complete
  • Thief King
  • Downhill Race
  • Draw a War
  • Rescue Master
  • Spin:Letter Roll
  • Helicopter Attack – NEW
  • Crush Car
  • Relx cash
  • War in Painting
  • Bike Extreme Racing
  • Player Spiral Maker 3D
  • Match 3 Tiles
  • 2048 Merge Cube – Win Cash


While Apple has taken corrective steps to remove these dangerous apps from the Apple App store, they may still be on your iPhone and iPad.  Take a moment to look through your apps to weed out these malware-infected apps.   You can stroke downward from the middle of your iPhone screen to reveal a search field.  Type in each of these names above.  If you discover any of them, remove them immediately.

How to protect yourself

  1. Always keep your iOS or Android software up to date.
  2. Keep your browsers updated.
  3. If you have one of these apps installed, uninstall them immediately and then remove any malware that may be on your phone using an antivirus app.  My top pick is TotalAV (Limited time deal: $19 your first year (80% off).  More: Best Antivirus Protection in 2022 found here.
  4. When downloading an app, always check the number of ratings (avoid apps with little to no ratings), the quality of the written comments, (A telltale sign of suspicious apps often have poor grammar).  And if the developer has a legit website.
  5. By far the smartest protection is to install good security protection on all of your devices for the best protection.  My top pick is TotalAV (Limited time deal: $19 your first year (80% off).  More: Best Antivirus Protection in 2022 found here.



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