3 Essential Apps to Stay Connected to Your Older Loved One

They put diapers on you, made you feel safe and loved.  They got you to the bus stop on time, kept you from going hungry all while keeping you warm on the coldest of days growing up.

Your mom, dad, grandma, grandfather, aunt and uncle need you more than ever now.   While the Coronavirus disrupts our everyday existence,  For older loved ones who fall into the greatest health risk, it’s time we show up for them with love and support.

These are three incredible tools you can use to help our older loved ones feel like you are there connected and cared for.

One that helps the whole; family orchestrate care called Connected Care app has been made free for a limited time by its developer.

Connected Care app for iOS and Android


Make video calls with free apps like FaceTime and Skype

If your older loved one is not tech savvy, ask for someone nearby like a neighbor or caregiver to use their own phone to let the family visit with a video call.  The more we show we care, the more we listen to our older loved ones, the better they will feel.

Life360 app



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