4 tricks for getting an Amazon Prime Membership for less

4 tricks for getting an Amazon Prime Membership for less

by Kurt Knutsson

Amazon Prime is best known for promising two-day shipping on many of its products. You may have even heard of “Prime Day” or taken advantage of an Amazon Deal at some point.

If you’re considering becoming a member of Amazon Prime, many advantages come along with your enrollment. You’ll score discounts at Whole Foods Market, you’ll get quicker shipping times on most Amazon products, and of course, you’ll have access to Amazon’s streaming and music platforms with tons of moviesTV shows, and songs to choose from.

But there is so much more available you’ll find here for their membership of now $14.99 a month/$139 annual fee.  But is there a way to get a membership for less?

Sure is.


Cost-saving options for getting an Amazon Prime Membership

Get a 30-day Free Amazon Prime trial

Simply use the free 30-day Amazon Prime trial and remember to cancel if you don’t plan to keep it. You can get the same deals with free shipping offers during the free trial. Sign up here.

Students: Get 6 months of Amazon Prime free

If you’re a student, you can click this link to get 6 months free of Amazon Prime for students.  Students will need to provide verification by providing their .edu email address.  Sign up here.

Medicaid or EBT: Cheaper Amazon Prime

If you’ve got a Medicaid or EBT card, you can sign up for an Amazon Prime membership for $6.99 – almost half the cost of a typical membership.  Sign up here.

Sharing an Amazon Prime Membership

If you’re living in the same household, you can share your Amazon Prime membership with your partner.  Your partner will get the same Amazon Prime benefits as you for no additional cost.  In order to do this, once you’re logged in, add your partner to your Amazon Household.


Have you tried to score one of the deals above?  Comment below!


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