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5 Email Safety Tips You Should Know Before You Send Another Message

by Kurt Knutsson

Sony is still reeling from an ugly hack attack. Leaked emails reveal top Hollywood producers mocking everybody from celebrities to the President. If a company this large can be so vulnerable are any of us safe? My email safety tips to keep you safe from prying eyes:

1) Work email is public not private

Assume that all of your emails are public- sending and receiving mail from your personal email account while on your work’s network or computer is not private

2) Keep it professional

Don’t say anything in a work email that you wouldn’t say out loud in public.

3) Backup important work email

Back up email on separate devices disconnected from corporate networks. This applies to whether you run a business where the use of computers is essential or you are wanting to backup your own computer. Knowing that it could be as easy as backing up your files yourself or knowing that companies can provide IT consulting services (for your business), having a copy of all your documents and files may not be as tough as you initially thought. You never know what will happen, so it is best to be safe than sorry.

4) Ask about email security

Ask people at work in charge of the email what they have in place to detect intrusion and protect you.

5) Careful where you charge

Avoid syncing or charging your personal smartphone or tablet from the USB plug on your work computer.

Kurt CyberGuy Knutsson-What you can do to keep your emails safe

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