6 Tips & Tricks to protect yourself against criminals

As crime spikes throughout the U.S., there are some ways to raise safety and security around your home and in your life. Crime doesn’t only come in the front door, cybercriminals are using any way they can to get inside your home. Especially with ransomware attacks that secretly install malware on your devices.


Protect your devices

Lockout ransomware home attacks

#1: Use and keep anti-virus malware detection software up to date. See my list of my best antivirus picks here.

#2: Back up on your own drive and unplug once a month — not on the cloud.


The My Passport SSD drive easily plugs into a USB port to backup at blazing speeds, then eject and unplug it so that hackers cannot get access to your backup. You can set password-enabled hardware encryption to protect valuable content.

  • 5 year limited warranty.
  • Drop resistant up to 6.5 feet 500GB, 1TB and 2TB sizes.



Protect your car

Unbelievable footage from dash cams has been shared online and in the news for years. Moments that no one would believe unless they were captured by a dash cam.



Boost your cell phone signal at home

Fusion4Home ORA cell phone booster from SureCall

Never let your home go without cell phone signal inside.  Cellular connections are more secure than WiFi especially with encrypted data less vulnerable to hacking.  No matter which wireless carrier you call your own, Fusion4Home boosts voice, text and data speeds for all carriers.  I love how I never miss a call while inside my house and that its American owned and operated.  A great way to stay connected inside your home no matter what.



Protect your valuables


AquaVault’s newest PhoneVault lets you protect your phone, cash and cards. Lock it to your lounge chair at the beach, your pool, or waterpark. Also great to lock to bikes, a closet rod, stroller, boat railing.

Set your personal 3-digit code and protect your expensive phone with the slash-resistant portable safe

The AquaVault comes to you from the folks seen on Shark Tank.



Protect your home


Say “Alexa, I’m leaving” to activate Alexa Guard for free on echo devices. Alexa Guard – listens for alarms and breaking glass while away and alerts you. Turns off and on smart lights randomly to make it look like someone is home. Free for those with Amazon Echo device.

  • Launch Alexa app
  • Tap Settings, then Guard
  • Say Alexa I’m leaving. Alexa I’m Home


Protect your personal being

As important as it is to keep safe, it is equally important that tech is portable and easily integrated into one’s life so it can actually be readily on-hand.  Click here for a list of tech that is both discreet and safe.


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