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Apple issues urgent iPhone software fix

by Kurt Knutsson

A critical security update fixes a flaw in Apple devices.

The software vulnerability allows a hacker to silently infect iPhones using iMessage. Apple hasn’t confirmed a report that the flaw was used  to exploit in attacks by Israel’s NSO Group according to watchdog group Citizen Lab.

Unlike other iPhone hacks, Citizen Lab describes this vulnerability as a “zero click” attack since anyone with iMessage on their phone could be silently infected. In other words, you could be attacked without having let a hacker in and while never knowing you were infected.

Apple wouldn’t have issued an urgent update to their operating software unless they found something serious enough just hours ahead of its big new iPhone reveal at Tuesday’s virtual Apple launch event.

Update iPhone and iPad to the latest iOS and iPadOS 14.8 software without delay

Tap Settings > then General > tap Software Update > touch Download and Install

Update the Software on Your Mac

MacOS 11.6 is the latest software for desktops and notebooks

  • Click the Apple  menu on the top left corner of your screen
  • Tap System Preferences
  • Click Update Now

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