Best Apps for Following the 2016 Election

Best Apps for Following the 2016 Election

by Kurt Knutsson

Arguably the most colorful landscape of presidential politics in 2016, voters are more engaged and feel part of the process. The jabs, jokes, non-issue issues, reality tv-like atmosphere fueled by what political pendants are saying is a vast voter dissatisfaction from both parties.

What I’d like to do, is give you the tools to paint the political palette with the best apps for tracking, polling, educating and ultimately deciding which candidate is best for the White House from your perspective.

270 TO WIN APP (iOS iPad only)

  • Based on the fact that it takes 270 electoral votes to win the White House
  • Create your own map
  • Browse state by state maps
  • See how your state has historically voted
  • Even though it may lean toward Red today, Blue could have been near in its past

Best Apps For Following The 2016 Election


  • Frontrunner displays poll results graph of top candidates
  • Political operatives lives and die by the polls
  • Drag the bottom time slider to go back a year and see when your favorite candidate tanked or stole the show
  • The app initially opens by asking you which party you’d like poll results for
  • To see the other side, it will then cost you an in-app purchase

FrontRunner 2016 Presidential Election Poll Tracker On The App Store


  • Can’t decide which candidate is right for you
  • Voter uses swipes just like dating app Tinder to answer yes or no to questions
  • It matches you to the presidential candidate that shares most of your answers

Voter Matchmaking For Politics On The App Store


  • Think today’s candidates are presidential enough?
  • This app takes you into the history of each U.S. president
  • Discover a snapshot of what makes each of these presidents tick

U.S. Presidents Android Apps On Google Play


  • Fun game that has you learning about presidents
  • See what facts, quotes, nicknames match a president and where they fit into history
  • The more you can guess right about 44 presidents, the game rewards you by unlocking expanded areas

Presidents Versus Aliens App

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Pk November 6, 2016 - 11:42 am

VOTER is available on android as well..

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