New Year, New You: 5 Tools for a 2021 Restart

What are your goals for 2021? I’m ready for a fresh new start. From Finance, Fitness, Shedding the old and setting goals for the new, here are some powerful tools for making 2021 even better for you and those you love.



Quicken personal finance software helps you get a clear picture on your spending versus your income. 40% off for a limited time. Quicken is the original and best-selling most comprehensive personal finance software on the market. It’s a solid solution to get a grip on your 2021 money goals!

Take control of your finances in 2021 – with Quicken you get a consolidated view of your finances so you can better manage your spending, know where your money goes, more easily track and pay your bills, and monitor your investments.

This is valuable if you have a number of different financial elements under your control at any one time. Not only will it help to streamline the process for you, but it can also help you to identify what your financial situation looks like and whether you have enough money in the bank to be able to buy antminer z15 to mine and trade different cryptocurrencies, for example. With the help of this software, you will be able to see if this is doable or not.

Quicken can help you make smarter decisions in order to meet your long-term financial goals such as paying for college, paying off your home, and, ultimately, living a comfortable retirement. Find Quicken here.



Apple Fitness+

New Apple Fitness+ has 10 different areas of group fitness and the monthly fee allows the whole family to join in group subscription workouts if you have an Apple Watch. At $10 per month or $80 for annual subscription, data collected on your Apple Watch is displayed in real-time on a nearby screen like Apple TV, iPhone or iPad. Apple’s own workout instructors start each session with a welcome in sign language that are refreshed weekly here.


ATU Mobile personal workout program from fitness trainer Steve Zim designs a personal home workout program for you to get the results you want. You’ll only need to get yourself some new workout gear like these men’s gym shorts and find a little bit of space around your home to get you started. Having enough space for your fitness routine can help your mind declutter all the extra thoughts and calm your senses. And, when you have that ready, you only need to sign up on a Website and find a personal trainer who can assist you with the fitness routine. In this scenario, you can avail the personal workout plan from Steve Zin delivered to your mobile. This creator and fitness guru to A list Hollywood celebs is bringing his successful superhero routines to everyone online. We bet you can’t wait to give it a go!

Zim’s fitness videos covered on Buzzfeed have garnered tens of millions of views online and now he’s developed a one-on-one program to get you hitting your fitness goals for 2021. To sign up, you can email fitness trainer Steve Zim directly to get going or sign-up for a personal workout plan at

OUT WITH OLD TECH, IN WITH 2021 CASH buys your old tech buys preowned tech from smartphones of every make and model to tablets, games and electronics. If you are like me and accumulated tons of new tech for Christmas but now have old unused tech lying in your drawers that you don’t know what to do with then this top tip is definitely for you!

Decluttr is the easiest and definitely the fastest way to sell used tech, including cell phones, your unwanted MacBooks, tablets, game consoles, but also CDs, DVDs, games & books too.

The great thing about them; you won’t get lowballed on price. Decluttr pays the most for used tech. For phones, they pay over 30% more than any carrier or Apple/Samsung buyback program. But the clincher is Decluttr offers free, insured shipping and next-day payment, too. See what your old tech is worth here at Decluttr.


#GiveHappiness campaign teaches how to set giving goals in 2021

LG and non-profit BE STRONG launched their #GiveHappiness campaign focused on practicing, learning and sharing six happiness skills. The goal is to create happier lives for everyone.

I learned about this while watching LG dole out 100 laptops to Be Strong student leaders helping them stay connected. LG is setting goals to donate more laptops in 2021. That’s when the lightbulb went off for me.

What is my plan for giving in 2021? Happiness is one thing we can all embrace for one another.
You can download and share a Happiness Gift Card for free here to spread the joy of giving happiness.

What You Need for the Tech You Unwrapped

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