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Twitter’s Tip Jar Turns #Hashtags into $Cashtags

by Kurt Knutsson

Twitter just added a virtual tip jar to tweets making it easy to send and receive money on the popular social network. This can be great for influencers who spend a lot of time online building their businesses, they can then use this to buy cheap Twitter followers to expand their reach and help them get more people to see their content.

Soon everyone will be able to clean up on tips doled out for tweets instead of “likes”. For the launch Twitter is making it available to a select group that includes creators, experts, journalists and non-profits.

Think of the future possibilities of tipping with a tap.

Clicking the little dollar bill icon next to a person’s name could be used for funding a start-up, paying an artist, supporting a political candidate, helping with tuition, you name it.

Money is delivered via Twitter’s payment partners Bandcamp, Cash App, Patreon, PayPal and Venmo right after someone clicks on the dollar bill icon near the person’s name on their Twitter profile.

There are limits though. While Twitter is not taking a cut some of the payment apps do hit some transactions with a fee especially if funded with a credit card. You are often better off setting up payments with a debit card or direct bank account link.

Here are some things to lookout for with Twitter Tip Jar.

Careful about overtipping. Some payment apps can be setup for subscriptions and memberships that turn a single tip into recurring transactions.

Avoid drinking and tipping together. Just 30 minutes of drunk tipping could drain more from you than the bottle you started the night with.

Steer clear of tipping fees from payment apps by choosing the funding method that is free.

Set payment notifications to alert you when money is transacted via a payment app.

Watch for privacy concerns. At least one security issue already discovered shares your address with the recipient with you use PayPal for your Twitter tip jar transactions. Twitter acknowledged the issue tweeting that it was “updating our tipping prompt and help center to make it clear that other apps may share info between people sending/receiving tips”.

That said, it’s super easy to use and has enormous potential.

How to tip someone on Twitter Tip Jar

Tip Jar works on Android and iOS Twitter apps but only after turned on by the person receiving tips.

How to Setup Your Tip Jar

  • Launch Twitter app on iOS or Android
  • Tap Edit Profile
  • If you see “Tip Jar” below your name, bio and birthdate, tap “off”> turn on “Allow tips”
  • Tap payment app of your choice to start accepting tips.



Best Apps to Send and Receive Money

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