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What to do with the tech you unwrapped

And how to setup post-holiday price drop deal alerts

by Kurt Knutsson

Boxing Day has a more practical new name ‘Unboxing Day’ when people get into the gifts they’ve unwrapped. Here’s what you need to get your tech gifts up and running better. And how to set post-Christmas price alerts to get the difference put in your wallet when your new gift goes down in price after the holiday.

Unwrapped a TV? Add amazing sound and streaming


Roku Streambar

The Roku Streambar is a 2-in-1 soundbar and 4K streaming wonder with premium sound. It is super easy to stream from every major app.  You have to hear this in person to believe the amazing quality of sound!


Roku Voice Remote Pro

Roku Voice Remote Pro upgrades your Roku remote into one that lets you control it with your voice and listen through its built-in earphone jack on the remote so that you don’t wake anyone sleeping.



Unwrapped a new phone or tablet? Add world’s lightest, thinnest earbuds


NexiGo Air T2 Wireless Earbuds

The NexiGo Air T2 Earbuds are the world’s thinnest and lightest wireless earbuds. NexiGo was named a CES 2022 Innovation Award Honoree for its Air T2 Wireless Earbuds. As the world’s thinnest and lightest earbuds, the NexiGo Air T2 Wireless Earbuds deliver a superior wireless headphone experience, and with Bluetooth pairing and easy tap commands, users will be introduced to a whole new level of sound interaction.



Unwrapped a PC or game console? Add a Game Pass


PC Game Pass

PC Game Pass is just $1 for first 3 months, then $9.99 a month for access to more than 100 high-quality games for any level gamer. Upgrade to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $14.99 a month.



Unwrapped a PS5 or Xbox? Add more storage and speed up game with a game drive


WD_BLACK D30 Game Drive

Cut down on load screen times and increase your storage capacity with the WD_BLACK D30 Game Drive SSD, specially designed to work with your Xbox or PlayStation console. Expanded capacity starts at 500GB and goes up to 2TB to store up to 50 games – archive your game library or make space on your console for new favorites.



Unwrapped a gaming console or device? Add a popular game



In honor of Castlevania’s 35th anniversary, Konami has launched the Castlevania Advance Collection that includes a compilation of timeless action-exploration games. Available digital only for download on Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4, Xbox One and PC via Steam here.



Set Deal Alerts on your unwrapped gifts



Get money back when the price drops on gifts you unwrapped. Go to slickdeals.net or use their app to add a custom Deal Alert. Enter the gift details and monitor the return policy time and get notified by Slickdeals Deal Alert if it goes down in price during the return period. Slickdeals also curates post-holiday sales to find deals both in store and online.


Images used in article: “unwrapping” by jima is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0, “‘Unwrapping is the fun part for me!'” by Gnawme is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

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