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WhatsApp Hacked: How to Neutralize the Threat Now

by Kurt Knutsson

An untold number of the 1.5B people using WhatsApp were hacked without knowing it.  In order to deliver a payload of spyware onto your device, the hack involved simply receiving a call whether you answered it or not.

The WhatsApp hack enables the installation of surveillance software, or spyware, from the Israeli NSO Group.  It’s the same secretive group that describes itself as a leader in cyberwarfare and also authored a controversial invasive tool called Pegasus.

Although the NSO Group has denied involvement in the WhatsApp exploit, the presence and signature of the Israeli company’s tools appears evident.

What’s certain is this is a major security flaw within Facebook-owned WhatsApp that can only be fixed manually.



1/ Launch App Store

2/ Tap “Updates” from bottom menu

3/ Scroll through list to find WhatsApp, click UPDATE to install latest version 2.19.51 or later.



1/ Launch Play Store

2/ Tap “Menu”

3/ Tap “My apps & games”

4/ Tape “Update” from WhatsApp Messenger on list to get latest version 2.19.134 or later.

By updating to the latest version of WhatsApp you will secure the door that hackers used to install spyware.

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