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Canceled Flights? What You Need to Know About Rescheduling

by Kurt Knutsson

Airlines are canceling thousands of flights around the country before snow even falls.  Learn what savvy fliers need to know about who gets rescheduled first, waiving change fees, etc.  These sites and apps will surely help you save you lots of time and grief.


expertflyer and cancelled flights and Kurt CyberGuy Knutsson

1) Expertflyer.com (website)

  • shows which flights are still going out, if they have seats & how many seats are available
  • you can be notified when the exact seat you want becomes available



2) Flightboard (app)

  • gives you live flight departure & arrival status for any major airport in the world



3) FlightTrack pro (app)

  • allows you to ‘find alternative flights’ from airlines going in your same direction.
  • but it does not give you priority, or a better chance to get on those flights
  • being informed & knowing your choices allows you to work w/ airline to get priority



4) Live ATC (app & website)

  • allows you to listen to the air traffic control tower live
  • so you’ll know, at the same time airlines know, when flights are taking off & landing again at the airport


Gate Guru

5) Gate Guru (app)

  • if you’re stranded at airport – shows resources around you
  • posts real-time updates on things like security wait times, flight delays, gate changes or layover time adjustments
  • also details airport terminal amenities

Keep in mind:

  • airlines are not legally obligated to put you up in a hotel when your flight is delayed or canceled by act of God like weather– but you can still ask.
  • the valued frequent flier stands a better chance at getting a free hotel from the airline.
  • if the airline won’t, or can’t, give you hotel room — ask for ‘distressed passenger certificate’.
  • certificate allows you to pay the same reduced rate at a nearby hotel that the airline gets.


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