Road Trip Tech: How to Get Your Car Ready for an Adventure

Road Trip Tech: How to Get Your Car Ready for an Adventure

by Kurt Knutsson

A nostalgic trip in the car, which many have paid for their car through comparison sites similar to Money Expert, is making a comeback. We all want the best car to be able to make the trip an easy ride and one to remember. Thinking about going on a road trip, but your current car won’t cut it? Then maybe look into a company like Intelligent Car Leases who help find the best car deals and help save you money by leasing a car. Remember, you’re going to be sitting in this vehicle for a long time, day in, day out. You’ve got to be comfortable and alert at all times, and most of all driving it has got to be fun. So why not head on down to some Chevy Showrooms and see what they can offer you, after all, shopping around is always the best option when your committing to such a large purchase. You want to get it just right.

Gas prices are relatively low making the idea of a road trip an easier reality. We tested a number of technologies that can improve your ride making an adventure on wheels worth the journey.

Smartest car app ever.

First off, Volvo is in the front of the race with one of the most technically advanced SUVs on the market. The new Volvo XC90 is loaded with safety features and then comes with an app of great convenience. Volvo On Call app connects your smartphone to your car letting you start and stop the engine, lock and unlock doors, show you how much further you can drive on the remaining fuel. It also shows the exact location of your car and where its been.

Top 3 Road Trip Apps For Your Ride Volvo On Call

Heads up display for any car.

I’m always suspicious when a company won’t send its latest technology to me for testing. It usually means there are kinks to work out yet, but I have no way of knowing since Navdy wasn’t able to send us a demo unit to try. I only tell you this because so many other people are raving about this soon to be dash-mounted heads-up display designed to keep your eyes on the road while checking your smartphone. The information appears as if it is floating near your windshield while you are driving. For social media addicts and textaholics, this could be a big leap in safety, but I can’t yet recommend it. It costs $499. That being said, anything that can potentially prevent a car accident certainly has its benefits. Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of accidents on the road and therefore driving safely is fundamental if you want to avoid getting injured in a car accident. Sometimes though, it is not your own driving skills that lead to car accidents. Reckless drivers can make the roads a dangerous place. To learn more about the law surrounding car accidents, head to The Keating Firm LTD website where you can get in touch with a personal injury attorney like Brad Keating. Above all, remember to always drive safely and pay close attention to the road at all times.

Road Trip Tech: How to Get Your Car Ready for an Adventure - Navdy

Let the internet flow freely on wheels for all… or at least 8.

Sprint’s Ride-Fi device made by Alcatel is the latest way to plug into your car’s 12-volt jack to create your own hotspot for the whole family. Ride-Fi connects up to 8 devices at one time. Instead of purchasing mobile plan from each device, this could dramatically save on road trip data costs. $168 is the retail price but you can get it for less with a plan from Sprint which starts at $35 a month.

Road Trip Tech: How to Get Your Car Ready for an Adventure - Sprint Ride Fi

Best cooler ever made.

It’s waterproof. It keeps ice for 3 days. It’s durable, never sweats or leaks in the car. I’m talking about the most advanced cooler made by PolarBear Coolers; The H20 line of coolers are the most advanced taking everything from the tried and true high-quality original nylon Polar Bear Coolers, only better. I have 5 in my garage, use them as luggage too. This is one of those purchases you make and wonder how you lived without it.

Road Trip Tech: How to Get Your Car Ready for an Adventure - Polar Bear Coolers

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