The Best Travel Gear for 2021

Friends who know how often I travel find themselves asking my advice about what I bring along my journey and why. Here are some flight essentials I never leave home without.


Eagle Creek Pack-It Compression Sac Set

Go for the Medium & Large set which you’ll get more use from and offers the best value.

I love love LOVE these for all travel.

The medium size goes with you onboard for compressing a travel pillow and blanket from home. I never believe that the ones offered by the airline sealed in plastic are really germ-free. The large one is for your folded clothes to pack for a trip in your luggage.

I’m not kidding when I say that I can stack a rectangle of a week’s worth of clothes for travel in the large compression sac. The trick is folding the stack in the right size so that you can snug it into the compression bag. Making the edges as neat as possible keep everything wrinkle-free….even a suit jacket. Sit on the full compression sac to expel as much air and then zip it up. You can fit an incredible amount into your carry-on or checked bag.



Best Travel Dual USB Charger

This Anker 36W dual USB-C charger is perfect onboard a plane, train or hotel.  If you are an early adopter, you will love this upgraded version that combines one powerful charger into 2 fast charging plugs. I use to charge my iPhone, iPad and MacBook.



Fleece Travel Blanket 50” x 70”

I like to bring a blanket onboard that I would care if it was lost or forgotten onboard. The truth is that I spill all kinds of stuff when I fly and this is my shield while also keeping me warm. Not too hot, not too cool… just right. It gets hundreds of great reviews with the most critical complaint about shedding which I have not experienced. Several colors available.


Travel Pillow 12” x 16”

MoonRest 12×16 inch synthetic down alternative. Feels great as a travel pillow insert, can be thrown in the washer and is a great price.
100% Egyptian cotton case 2-pack
These 500 thread count cotton shams are my favorite. They are not expensive yet great quality. I pick white color so that I can wash in hot to give them a thorough disinfecting after a trip. Add this along with the travel blanket into the compression bag for your onboard bag.  I put this combined bedding in one medium compression bag then into my carry-on backpack.



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