The tests are done. The winners are in. Drumroll please… The very Best Road Trip Apps are…


Plan your summer road trip from A to B. Plot your own route or see whats stop others enjoy. Roadtrippers app points the way to hidden quirky attractions like a local diner. Share the plans with everyone on the trip and let other’s suggest stops along the way. See more between points A and B. Plot your route on the in-app maps and let experienced travelers tell you which detours are most worthy. No real agenda? Pick a premade itinerary and let the app lead the way.

Top 3 Road Trip Apps for your Ride - Roadtrippers Road Trip Planner Map Travel Guides On The App Store


IEXIT APP (iOS, Android -premium)
iExit shows you whats at each exit from the highway and interstate.
Very visual and easy to use.
Pick your highway exit or let the app follow your way along your route.
Reviewers say its highly accurate and I agree. Great list of gas stations, restaurants, emergency services, hospitals.

Top 3 Road Trip Apps for your Ride IExit Interstate Exit Guide On The App Store


Hands down, best app for the road goes to Waze. You may know how Waze guides drivers around traffic by figuring out shortcuts around jams. Did you know Waze also finds the cheapest gas station nearby and will warn you when another waze driver shares where speedtraps may be waiting on your journey.

Top 3 Road Trip Apps for your Ride - Waze GPS Navigation Maps Social Traffic On The App Store

Now that you’ve got these apps, be sure to learn how to get your car ready for an adventure! Obviously, those planning a road trip should consider getting their car maintained before they go out on a long drive. They should also read more about getting a first aid kit for their car. That will help them out if any of the passengers get an injury on the road trip. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially on a road trip.

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