Nest Cam Unboxed

When you’ve got the deep pockets and determination of the behemoth Google behind you, just about anything is possible. Including buying a way toward connect your already successful Nest thermostat, Nest smoke detector and pull together smart home automation. That’s why Google-owned company Nest bought the popular Drop Cam and then unleashed the smartest minds in Nest’s nest to tinker it toward greater greatness.

Nest is determined. And it shows in the newest Nest Cam. They did a total upgrade to the Drop Cam by polishing some already good existing features and adding even more intelligent functionality to create a winning set of distinctions.

The new Nest Cam highlights:

  • better at deciphering between movements of pets versus people
  • built-in speaker and mic turns it into a worldwide intercom giving your voice power to be heard from afar
  • stores video in Nest’s cloud instead of on the device
  • requires subscription to store 10 days of video from one cam for $100/year while other cams are free
  • connects to other devices while other monitoring cams don’t as easily
  • outstanding video resolution quality of 1080p high-def which is better than most

I’m a big fan of companies like Nest that make home life easier. I’m also torn while being less of a fan for expensive subscription functionality when there are other great options that do it just as good for nothing or a lot less. A review of monthly recurring credit card charges always sends me to buyers remorse when I have other options. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t ever object to charges that serve me well and make life better. This one is a toss-up. Nest is on the ball. They’ve got a top design team, solid direction and obviously doing something so right that Google wanted to buy them.

Let’s not forget that the Nest thermostat is already putting money back in a lot of people’s pockets since it manages home energy usage better.

As far as buying a Nest Cam.. the number of pros and cons puts me on the fence. Nest originally developed from an Apple alumnus has some very fanatical customers who find great benefit in the home solutions Nest is creating. And then there is a whole other group of people who find the growing sense of power with their smartphone and drive toward protection priceless.

No matter where you fall, keep in mind issues of privacy while you empower you ability to keep a watchful eye on the people you love and things that you call your own at home.

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