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6 Weather Apps that Could Save Your Life

by Kurt Knutsson

Information is the key lifesaver in any major storm. Now apps are giving you a heads-up to dangerous weather as it approaches. We all know the destruction that severe weather can cause for families and their homes, this is why making sure you have the contact information of professionals such as roofers Raleigh for repairs, is highly important, preparing as best you can for anything that comes can stand you in better stead. Here are my top extreme weather apps that could save your life one day. Also, here are some accessories which you may wish to get to help with the applications.

Tornado by American Red Cross and 6 Weather Apps that Could Save Your Life

Tornado by American Red Cross
Free in IOS and Android
Tornado app once installed will monitor your location for the danger of a tornado. The warning alarm activates automatically with audible female voice, “Tornado warning.” and a take shelter siren roars. The app also helps get you educated on how to prepare before a big storm and what to do immediately following a tornado disaster.

myradar app and 6 Weather Apps that Could Save Your Life

MyRadar app
(free version and pro version from $1.99)
One of the best live HD radar maps with movement. Also has the ability to live stream video from storm chasers when they are actively shooting a tornado or major weather event.
I use this app when I fly to see where turbulence will cause your flight to get bumpy. You can also turn on photos within the app to see storm photos uploaded nearby.

weather radio app and 6 Weather Apps that Could Save Your Life

Weather Radio app ($4.99)
Receive critical alerts via voice and push notification for life-threatening weather events. Your phone will “wake up” with alerts and track your location to warn you wherever you go.
The patented alert engine provides more accurate alerts according to the developer WDT and avoids false alarms and warnings. In addition to the app following your location, you can save other locations such as locations important to family like schools.

Storm from Weather Ground and 6 Weather Apps that Could Save Your Life

Storm from WeatherUnderground
Lightning warnings are amongst my favorite features on Storm app. The high-def radar animations show the past, present and future storm activity. This free download will cost you $1.99 to get the annoying ads to disappear.

DarkSky app and 6 Weather Apps that Could Save Your Life

DarkSky app (iOS $3.99)

This is my favorite general go to weather app for its predictive forecasting. It’s got a simple and intuitive way of being just perfectly spot on. My favorite thing is how it tells you when it’s about to rain with good accuracy.

Tornado simulation app and 6 Weather Apps that Could Save Your Life

Tornado Simulation app (free)

One of the biggest challenges in getting people to take storm warnings seriously is to share the enormous strength that can come from an F-12 tornado. Originally designed as a game, this Tornado Simulation app puts you in the storm. Take a ride through a virtual tornado to understand the power of a devastating twister that can make trucks and farm animals shoot into the air.

6 Weather Apps that Could Save Your Life

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Will July 19, 2015 - 4:35 am

I find it hard to believe that WeatherBug did not make your ratings.
Part of your criteria was number of data gathering sites…WB has over 5000 local(online) stations (with calibrated instruments) around the world. These include their proprietary Total Lightning Network sites.I am not aware of the existence of a better lightning detection system on the planet. Please check out the “Spark” feature on the app.
In recent years WBs’ severe weather warnings have preceded other systems(NOAA and NWS for example) by as much as 15-18 minutes and defining a smaller area under warning for many of the major catastrophic events.
I’m not sure if there is an absolute “BEST” weather app but I am sure that WeatherBug should certainly make any “Top 5” list.

Jen Smith June 9, 2016 - 8:45 pm

Weather Underground’s Storm app in google play isn’t there now. I clicked the link and got their original app. I need a weather app that has the option to make a notification SOUND when severe weather happens, not a text or ordinary push notification (that I usually blow off as some apps can’t have push shut off).

Weather Underground DOES NOT do a SOUND for severe weather, as I am in Florida, this is a big bad NO for me. I quit using Weatherbug cause it’s too flashy with graphics and didn’t work well with my old Galaxy S2 smartphone.

Can someone suggest to me a weather app that does the severe weather warnings with SOUND notification (like weatherbug had, I could choose a sound on my device to make it distinct!). I don’t mind push notifications.


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