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Time to update your Windows operating system, again

New threats are being discovered more often that require immediate updates to stay secure.

by Kurt Knutsson

Yes, update again.  If it seems like everything in our digital lives requires an operating software update more often, you are right.   Cybercriminals and bad actors are exploiting vulnerabilities more often and with advanced sophisticated hacking tools.

As we’ve covered updates for your Chrome browser,  your Apple operating system, and your Android device, we want to make sure you’re updated on all of your devices.  So if you have Windows, this update includes a variety of security and functionality issues (described here: Windows 11, Windows 10).

Latest update 6/15/22: Microsoft released updates to 60 security vulnerabilities for Windows Operation systems.  This also contains fixes for a zero-day flaw in Microsoft Office for Windows devices.

Be sure to update your computer by doing the following:

How to update your Windows operating system

Windows 11 (Version 21H2)

  • Clicking the Start Button
  • Click Settings
  • Click Windows updates
  • Click Check for updates

If you’re on Windows 10 (Version 21H2)

  • Clicking the Start Button
  • Click Settings
  • Click Update & Security
  • Click Windows update
  • Click Check for updates

Of course, before you update your computer be sure to back up your devices as a safety precaution if anything should go wrong.

How to protect all of your devices 24/7

While keeping software updated from safe sources is very important, this threat yet again underscores the importance of adding a layer of strong antivirus security protection on all of your devices. More often than not, these types of security threats are detected and kept away from harming you if you have deployed good protection. Lock up your tech now. See my review of Antivirus protection for 2022 including our top pick TotalAV.

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