How to install antivirus software onto your devices

The increase in destructive malware circulating is becoming a bigger concern by the fact that it is unpredictable. Wartime digital weaponry knows no boundaries and will inevitably create damage to unintended targets. It is imperative that you protect yourself including all of your devices.

In our latest top antivirus recommendation article, many readers asked us how to install our top recommendation of TotalAV onto all your devices.   Here’s how to do it.

Be sure to follow the instructions below.


First, uninstall any other antivirus already installed on your computer

Because antivirus with real-time protection runs diligently in the background of your computer, having two such services installed at once will prevent each other from providing any protection at all.  This is especially true of Windows.  To have success with TotalAV, please uninstall your other antivirus programs on your computer.  To uninstall Windows Defender – the most common Antivirus app that comes pre-installed on Windows, please follow these steps.


How to install TotalAV on MacOS

  • Click Continue
  • Enter your Computers Password
  • Click Install Software

You have now successfully installed TotalAV on Mac OS!


How to install TotalAV on Windows

  • Click Install 
  • Wait for TotalAV to Install
  • Wait for TotalAV to Update 

You have now successfully installed TotalAV on Windows 10!


How to install TotalAV on an iPhone & iPad

Popular question: “Does my iPhone need anti-virus protection” – Find out my answer here

You have now successfully installed TotalAV on iOS!


How to install TotalAV on your Android device

You have now successfully installed TotalAV on your Android device!


How to enable Real-Time Protection on TotalAV

Enable Real-Time Protection

Finally, you will need to make sure that Real-Time Protection is enabled.

  • Click TotalAV Logo on the sidebar
  • Click Enable Protection 

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Mark Hoidas March 20, 2022 - 5:00 am
I thought my iPhone and iPads have sufficient security built in by apple?
Kurt Knutsson March 20, 2022 - 11:35 am
Hi Mark, Take a look at my article here which addresses this question:

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