Dangerous spyware app lets strangers record you: Google warning

Researchers have discovered a dangerous spyware app that can allow anyone to eavesdrop on your personal and private details.  The deceitful spyware app has the capability to record you through your camera, and microphone and track your location.

What happens next is even more threatening.  It is programmed to send your recordings, location and personal data to an unidentified organization at the root of this malicious app.


Looks like legit Settings gear-shaped icon

The dangerous spyware app looks like a legit icon for adjusting Settings on Android devices.  The gear-shaped icon is labeled “Process Manager”.   So far, it’s not known how the imposter spyware is spreading onto victims’ devices even though it is finding its way onto both Android phones and tablets.


What happens if you accidentally download

If clicked, the app prompts to get permissions granted for up to 18 dangerous requests to the spyware app.

Already, experts have seen troubling permissions for unlock attempts, lock the screen, set password expiration, set storage encryption and disable cameras according to the warning.

In some cases, the Process Manager spyware app tries to download an application called “Rozdhan” using an abbreviated google link to redirect the device to other websites.


Russian origin suspected

Lab52 experts that analyzed the malicious app say that it has the markings of spy tech deployed by state-sponsored Russian hackers to target Americans and western democracies.

The rogue app uses the same infrastructure of snooper tech with proven ties to the Kremlin.

That said, no direct link to Russian hacking groups have yet to come about.  What’s more, it will be difficult to attribute the criminals behind it because of how the spyware app works.


How to spot the dangerous “Process Manager” spyware

Red Flag #1 Permissions appear to access your camera, location, and more. Thinking it is a normal Android process manager request if you say yes, it can take over your device.

Red Flag #2 Invisible. You may never see it. The app is clever enough to try taking over administrative power of your device and then will hide from you.

Red Flag #3  Process running. You may notice an unexpected process running at the top of your screen – but not always.

Areas of greatest concern are permissions for your camera, microphone, location, and any personal information.


Do this now to protect against Android spyware

  1. Check app permissions on your Android phone or tablet
  2. Tap Settings from the home screen > scroll to Apps or Apps and Notifications > tap Permissions
  3. Scroll through and review each app paying special attention to look for rogue “Process Manager” or “Rozdhan” apps
  4. Revoke any permissions you do not wish to allow or do not recognize as legit by toggling each switch to off or a dark position

For some Samsung Android devices:  tap Settings from the home screen  >  Apps  >  Application manager to review each app and its permissions.  Toggle off the switch next to each permission you wish to revoke


Use strong antivirus protection on all your devices

More than ever, it’s never been more important to use strong security and antivirus protection across your devices. See my review of the best antivirus security protection for 2022 here including the top pick TotalAV.





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