Apple releases iOS 15.0.2 to fix ‘Active exploitation’

Yes, that means, download this new system software for your iPhone and iPad asap for what Apple calls an “important security update”.

In addition to addressing an ongoing security vulnerability described as ‘under active exploitation’ that could apparently execute arbitrary code with the highest level of device access according to their security support page, Apple addresses some known glitches in iOS 15.

Apple iOS Known Glitches Fixed

1) The biggest glitch centers around AirTags failing to appear in the Find My items area.

2) Another is a repair to CarPlay failing to open audio apps and sometimes disconnecting while playing music.

3) A glitch in Photos from Messages gets fixed. Photos you saved from Messages were getting deleted from Photos when a message was deleted. This version keeps photos you’ve saved from messages that later get trashed.

4) Yet another fix addresses a failure for the MagSafe iPhone Leather Wallet failing to connect to Find My app. That’s the latest credit card/id holder that magnetically snaps to a newer iPhone series 12, 13 and beyond.

How to Get Update Ready

Make sure your device has at least 50% battery power remaining or be plugged in before attempting to update the software.

Also, updates will not continue if you are streaming music from your device at the same time.

It’s a good idea to close everything else on your iPhone and iPad during an update process.

How to Update to the latest iOS and iPadOS

You can find the latest operating software by tapping Settings > General > Software Update.

Coming Soon from the Apple iOS team

The next big planned update is iOS 15.1 currently in beta testing. This update will hopefully address the disappointing user interface related to viewing the App Privacy Report data so that you can tell which apps are sharing parts of your personal information, location, microphone and camera. It is also expected to expand SharePlay in FaceTime, add more features to the new iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max cameras, and allow for storing COVID-91 vaccine cards in Apple Wallet.

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