How to find your lost AirPods

You recently received those new Airpods Pro and the good news is that you found one of the airpods. The bad news is you have no idea where the other airpod is!  Here’s what you need to do to find your Airpod/s!

How to find your Airpods using your iOS devices

  • The easiest thing to do, is to say “Hey Siri find my AirPods.” into any of your iOS devices
  • Click “Play Sound” on your device
  • If they’re close by and have remaining battery life, you’ll hear a ping.


How to find your Airpods if they’re not close by


How to find your Airpods using your computer

  • Go to
  • Sign in with your Apple ID.
  • Click All Devices
  • Select your AirPods.
  • Under each device, you see when its location was last found, or “Offline.”
  • If you think your AirPods are near you, click the “Play Sound”


How long will the charge last on my Airpods if I lose them so that I’ll be able to then find them?

Be sure the AirPods are always in their case and the case is connected to a power source to make sure there’s always a good charge to be able to then later locate them if lost.

If the Airpods are out of the case, depending on which generation of AirPods you have and depending on how long they were in the case prior for charging purposes, the AirPods will have 3-6 hours of charging time.  You can read more about what to expect with each model’s battery life here.


How to find your Airpods if they’re lost and still in the case?

With AirPods Pro (2nd generation), you can also locate the charging case on the map if it’s separated from your AirPods. Unfortunately, however, with earlier Airpod models, you can’t do this..


Doing this today will help you find your lost phone in the future


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