Kardashian Killer App

There are those in your life who cannot fathom the idea of something I about to tell you. An app, or at least a browser add-on tool, has been invented to filter out all things Kardashian from your digital experience.

That’s right. No Kim Kardashian butt jokes. No more Bruce Jenner transgender talk. Stories and newsfeeds from the sites you visit will also omit the latest about Kanye & Kim dealing with comedian Amy Schumer falling over. You won’t ever know which Kardashian has just colored their hair a new shade. None. Nothing. Nadda. You will be out of the Kardashian media feed.

James Shamsi, the maker of KardBlock, says he has no plans to make money with the app, just restore your life to news that shapes the world rather than highlights from Keeping Up With The Kardashians. if you want to see how his browser plug-in for Google Chrome works, his barebones site KardBlock.com can point the way to a Kardashian free world.

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