Best Mother’s Day Tech Gifts

You might have a mom. She might be the bomb. But ain’t nobody got a mom like mine. Lyrics from the song Mom from Meghan Trainor are spot on when played on the new Apple HomePod. I had big expectations with a price point at $349.

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Best Wireless Smart Speaker

Next to several other wireless bluetooth high fidelity speakers, the siri-powered HomePod comes across with wider range, better sound and frankly amazing depth like a great friend who knows everything about you. Sure I can go on about the great technology driving this intensely strong sound, like the spatial awareness that analyses and adjusts itself to produce the best sound quality no matter where you put it in a room. Apple Home Pod is the best wireless speaker on my list. Apple HomePod $349

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‘Alexa, Brew me some coffee’

It really is smart. ‘Alexa, brew me some coffee.’ My mom’s favorite way to have coffee is when someone else sets up the coffee maker the night before so all she has to do is press a button to get the pot brewing in the morning. You can take it a step further to have a coffee delivery package straight to the door as well, so not only do you have the tech you’ve got amazing beans too. The Smarter Coffee Maker takes mom’s caffeine joy one step further toward better. Download the free Smarter app and dial up coffee and the way you want it.. Make it bold, reduce or increase the number of cups… even set it up to brew just before breakfast. The experience of laying in bed, hearing the beans grind and smelling the aroma of fresh coffee will change the way you wake up to the world everyday.. Smarter Coffee Maker $249

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Robot, Mop My Floors

Finally give mom permission to throw out the old mop cause this iRobot Braava Mop invention will let her put down a mop forever. Download the free app and away it goes mopping and sweeping on hard floors including wood, tile, stone in kitchens, bathrooms and other small spaces. My favorite setting is the middle spot clean button that cleans up a mess in a jiff. It’s easy for anyone to setup and mom will love you for it! The Braava iRobot Vacuum $169

[tw-button size=”large” background=”” color=”” target=”_blank” link=””]Smartphone Vase: $32 from UnCommon Goods[/tw-button] [tw-button size=”large” background=”” color=”” target=”_blank” link=””]Kitchen Utensil Tablet: $60 from UnCommon Goods[/tw-button]

Bedside Smartphone Vase $32 & Kitchen Utensil Tablet Holder $60

These smart and affordable improvements to mom’s tech life are designed by Heather and Myles Geyman. The Smartphone Vase holds not just beautiful flowers for mom, but a spot to put her smartphone when not in use. The Kitchen Utensil Tablet shares similar style and can help mom do what I find myself doing constantly when cooking up a new meal, putting my tablet in just the right spot to cook with. My friend Abby has a smart tech wish.. make it so the tablet screen stays lit when cooking from a recipe. Great idea! Available from

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