This Could Replace Sleeping Pills

Millions of dollars go into figuring out that we don’t sleep well, and only now are we starting to see the importance of getting a good night’s sleep. Whilst sleeping aids such as pills or Vibes CBD oil products can help us relax and drift off it’s also important that our “sleep hygiene” itself is impeccable. From beeping, buzzing, notifications and the bright blue light, technology that surrounds us could be preventing a decent night’s sleep, essentially dirtying our “sleep hygiene”.

Finding a way to turn that all off and discover some new way to actually help you get tired for some zzzz’s and increase the quality of your life. Many have done this by reducing the amount of screen time they have before bedtime. However in this latest update by tech giant Apple, you may not need to do that anymore.

It’s a robust update to the operating software inside Apple iPhone and iPad devices. IOS 9.3 preview comes with some enhancements that can help with sleeping. Aside from the typical tweaks that fix minor glitches, the Apple team is turning on some new features related to your health and well-being.

Apple “Night Shift” is one standout improvement that could give you a better night sleep. Tapping into geolocation and knowing when the sun sets can activate night shift. The screen below on the left is normal. The one to the right is warmer with less blue light emitting.


Select Settings > Display & Brightness > Turn on Blue Light Reduction. This feature reduces blue light emitting from the screen of your iPhone and iPad which is believed to help you get to sleep better. The cooler and warmer light settings can be manually adjusted at any time and you can create a custom schedule. The smartest part is how it can automatically adjust the blue light level on its own. Less blue light exposure means it could make it easier to fall asleep. When you wake in the morning, it returns the display to its regular settings.

Apple’s also tweaked its Health app making it easier for you to find 3rd party apps related to health, wellness and sleep.


Three guys all named Daniel invented Hush Smart Earplugs. Their kickstarter campaign has attracted 4,415 backers to pledge $593,255 to create a new smart way to sleep uninterrupted. In March, the $150 pair of wireless ear plugs ship to customers looking for quiet sleep. Hush Earplugs connect to your phone. You place them in your ears at night before you go to bed. Plays soothing sounds like ocean waves while simultaneously blocking out room noise. The wakeup alarm feature sounds in your ears only for early risers without disturb those around you in the morning.

Apps like Calm Radio already offer the chance to turn your phone and tablet into a music player with soothing sounds that act as a lullaby. I’ve subscribed for years.. even before they added the Sleep channel and several white noise that can get anyone in sleepy mode. My mom’s favorite channel when she wakes up is called Positivity which you’d hear pumping through her home audio system just about any day.




For Apple iOS:
Without downloading anything, chances are a small adjustment to your mobile phone and tablet can make it easier to sleep without interruption.
1) Swipe up from home screen to launch control center
2) Tap the crescent moon icon to turn off and on

1) Launch Settings
2) Tap “Do Not Disturb” icon
3) Allow calls from your favorites or no one
4) Emergency calls will still get through when someone calls a second time within 3 minutes while less important alerts wait until morning.

Android devices work much the same.
1) Tap “Do Not Disturb” icon
2) You can set you phone to total silence, alarms only, or priority only
3) Customize what you want ‘priority’ to mean to who and what during do not disturb.

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