Best Pet Tech Gift Guide

Our new puppy Rosie is a bundle of energy. There’s nothing wrong with spoiling her with this smart pet tech.

Our best pals deserve a gift more than anyone we know. The constant companion that never talks back without a command and is the best snuggler on the planet.  Whether it’s a dog or cat that has captured your heart, here are the best pet tech gifts for 2022.


PetCube Play 2

This wireless cube connects to wireless internet at home, has a wide-angle lens so that you can see your dog or cat when you are away, has a microphone for listening in and here comes the bonus… it also has a built-in laser pointer to offer interactive play time. The speaker lets you talk to them from anywhere.

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iFetch Ball Launcher

If your dog is good at bringing back a ball during fetch, chances are good that your furry friend will learn to how to spend endless amounts of time with this machine clever enough to launch a ball up to 30 feet each time. Use it inside or outside with batteries and/or plugging in.

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PetSafe Automatic Ball launcher

Another great proven automatic dog toy ball tosser that launches balls up to 30 feet with added safety protections like the front motion sensor to keep from launching when people and dogs are too close. The batteries are not included nor are the tennis balls which we love that it uses. Plan on some training time with a dog that already like to chase balls to get the most out of it. Skip this fun launcher if your pup does not already like ball play.

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Mud Daddy portable washer

This has saved us tracking in tons of mud and sand from outside adventures. Fill up the Mud Daddy with water and toss it in the trunk or floor of the back seat. We use to wash off their paws before muddying up the back of our SUV and floors back home. One of our most favorite pet gadgets ever made.

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Dash Dog Treat Maker

We had no idea making our own dog food at home using the instant pot would save us money while also boosting the quality of food for our dogs big time. Now, it makes total sense making your own treats that have only healthy ingredients inside. The recipe book included with the Dash Dog Treat Maker will show you how to go from zero to done in 10 minutes. (We also use the Dash Dog Treat Maker to create gift bags of treats for our friends.)

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SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder

Perfect if you have more than one pet to feed when you are away. The SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder works with the Sure Petcare Hub sold separately. You set the portion size with the app and only feed the amount you set for each pet so that piggy dogs don’t steal another pet’s food and each dog gets the right amount for their size.

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One of the best automated toys for dogs invented. Wickedbone recognizes 12 emotions in dogs and responds with an interactive playful move. It’s great for dogs alone and also has a companion app that lets you control it when nearby using a virtual joystick.

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Whistle Go Explore GPS pet tracker

Waterproof and connected to local wireless cell phone data from AT&T, you can set up alerts to know when your dog has strayed outside of your safe zone. Updated every 15 seconds, you get worry-free location knowledge constantly. On top of location tracking, Whistle also helps with nutrition, health and activity tracking. The battery lasts up to 20 days on a single charge. The required subscription of $8.25/mo also gives you access to chat with a vet powered by VetInsight for added value and expert advice.

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Pet Collar Holder for AirTag tracker

This silicone protective case attaches to the ring on your dog’s collar. Available in 9 colors, it’s what we use for our super active Vizsla hound dog and can see where she is at any time with $29 Apple AirTag sold separately.

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Apple AirTag tracker

Already responsible for reuniting countless missing everyday objects like keys, luggage, cars and now pets. AirTag pings its location to the Apple Find My app whenever it encounters another Apple device like an iPhone. Best thing is that there’s no subscription fee.

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Automatic Smart Feeder for Dogs and Cats

One of the smartest automatic feeders that also has a built-in interactive HD Camera and app that lets you see, talk and play with your dog or cat. It holds up to 29 cups of kibble. The WOPET automatic smart feeder operates on 3 – D cell batteries and comes with a power adapter to stay plugged in.

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GoPro Fetch dog harness

This is a dog harness combined with the world’s best-known activity camera GoPro. This harness contains a mount made to be used with your GoPro camera to capture video from your pet’s perspective.

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This is no ordinary little ball. The Cheeble is an automatic dog toy ball that randomly rolls around and jumps activating an instant pursuit from any active pouch. Easily recharges with USB cable.

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Pet Wand Pro Shower Wand

Waterpik makes this perfectly designed shower and hose attachment. This shower attachment makes giving baths so much easier, cleaner and faster. The thickness of the coat does not make a difference but using this instead of a regular hand showerhead will.

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Furbo interactive dog treat thrower and camera

#1 year after year, the Furbo is always ever-present at my coolest friends’ homes.  Why?  Because it’s innovative, solid, does what they promise, and is fun to deploy.  This lets you open the Furbo app anytime, see what’s going on with your dog at home, call them over and toss a treat from anywhere in the world.  So genius!

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Cat Teaser Toy

All natural sisal made teaser with furry mouse at the end will keep your cat entertained for hours.  At $7 from LukPaw on Amazon you can’t go wrong.

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