Tips to Childproof the Web

How can you keep your kids safe online and childproof the web? It’s a question that many parents have to answer for themselves, because while websites such as Go Here may be favoured by many fully grown adults, you may not want to expose your children to this kind of content. Kurt “CyberGuy” Knutsson gives his advice and suggests some great solutions for parents.

  • Educate your kids about online safety
  • Never give out personal information
  • Don’t post a photo without permission
  • Limit time online
  • Talk with them about what they did online that day

Making sure you have an open relationship with your child when it comes to talking about what they do online can really benefit in this area. If you hear that someone told them about Hannah Claydon, react calmly, and ask them for more information. Whilst camgirls are fine when they’re older, they’re likely much too young for such content. Being calm and collected, and not getting angry, means that they are more likely to open up to you about anything else they may encounter online. There are also many forms of technology to help parents, as many want to do what they can to help keep their children safe. These include:

  • Kuddle app – a free app that lets your child get involved in social media just for kids. It’ safe because it is a regulated, parent controlled environment.
  • Net Nanny – the #1-rated parental controls software that protects your family from pornography, online predators, cyberbullying, and much more, keeping your family safe online.

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